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EDM Festival Lineup Revealed: Star-Studded Roster of DJs Announced

today5 April 2023 711 11 3

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The stage is set for an unforgettable EDM experience! The lineup for this year’s EDM festival boasts a star-studded roster of DJs and producers, promising a weekend filled with pulsating beats and electrifying performances.

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    EDM Festival Lineup Revealed: Star-Studded Roster of DJs Announced sleadmin

In this article, we will explore the cataclysm facing U.S. industry through the portal example of the music industry, a simple industry in comparison to those of automotive or energy. However, in the simplicity of this example we may uncover some lessons that apply to all industries.

Unless sovereign governments that subscribe to the Universal Copyright Convention take drastic measures, such as the proposed mandatory music tax to prop up the industry, there virtually exist no economic or legal barriers to keep the price of recorded music from falling toward zero. In response, artists and labels will probably return to focusing on other revenue streams that can, and will, be exploited. Specifically, these include live music, merchandise, and limited edition physical copies of their music.

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