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Hi guys, did you miss me? Are you ready for some inspirational scents? These might not be your faves, but I hope they give you that cozy Autumnal feeling. Are you a Fall person or is Summer your vibe? To me every season have their own magic. Those spicy oranges and red you get in […]

Sigh, Summer is over and Autumn is here. I can’t deny it any longer. So it is time for me to say Good bye to my Summer scents. I will miss you soo much. The 2 from are seasonal and can’t be purchased, how ever, they usually comes out with a new scent every […]

31Sunday Service - Sunday Skool #AppleofAntonsEye 17/10/21@GrungeNorris is back this Sunday with #AppleofAntonsEye! Yes! The Sunday Skool is back in session my beautifully moulded earlobes, and this week Grunge has an awesome selection of simply exquisite acts for yo to peruse, So leaves me with one question... Who is your #AppleofAnton out of these fine [...]

Hi guys and Happy Friday! You guys have any plans for the weekend? Myself am looking forward to Grilled Sandwiches for breakfast with creme fraiche Banana, Broccoli and curry.. (and plenty of cheese obviously) Yum!   So, this is not the food section, this is Fashion Friday! And I went shopping the other day. Actually […]

Gravity Gun – Soft Machine  I started writing this review on June 30th, 2021, but then July appeared, and the abominable heat melted  my brain, and I was only able to resume typing in early August and finish in late August. This is the fourth  album I’ve reviewed, after Tengushee, Virtual Intelligence and Unknown Land […]

As most of you know by now I am a Huuuuge fan of KAISER and the MACHINES of CREATION Not just because they are amazing artists, ( I have loved their music ever since I first heard) Who Decides  but these guys REALLY want this.. And they do the leg work to get there, and […]

In today’s “In the Spotlight” I have the huge pleasure to give you Anders Jörnesten who is about to release his very first EP (The EP Man on the Run will be available on all common streaming platforms by September 23.)   Hi Anders and thank you so much for joining us.. This close to […]

Hi guys. I would really want your opinion. What would you guys feel about me doing my Fashion Friday a bit more on the regular side? Hopefully a mix between Fashion talk, with styling tips, OOTD mixed with some cool band tanks (hopefully some Indie bands) and so on? What do you think? I would […]

21Sunday Service - Sunday Skool #AppleofAntonsEye 12/09/21We find ouselves here again guys for another Sunday Service - Sunday Skool vote!Check out he artists @Grungenorris is offering up for your earlobes.We know its another tough one this week but think about which artist reaches out and touches you the most that really connects with you and [...]

Welcome to another Fashion Friday. It’s been quite a while and I am considering to do these a bit more regularly. I am having a poll on my Twitter about it so plz let me know what you think, and if this is not your cup of tea, plz let me know what other content […]