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Thanks for joining us here on SLE Radio – the internet’s biggest up-and-coming radio station run by music lovers and artists FOR music lovers and artists! Feel free to join our community on social media πŸ™‚ There’s always room for one more…

SLE – Born from the desire to achieve a dream…

SLE – Share the Love Everyone, in a time when the global feelings are heated and battles are being fought over the world, SLE looks to breakthe divided and make a difference through music and media.


Your support and contributions will enable us to maintain and grow SLE Radio. Unfortunately as much as we would like to say that the upkeep and general running of the community is free – it’s not. Your donations will help SLE Radio support upcoming artists to gain an audience and be heard for their talents. The music industry has been dominated for many years by those who predominantly ignore indie artists; we want to change that – and we can with your help. So please support us to support many others.

Your donation could change someone’s life.

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Weekly Show Schedule

This is the show listings we do however strean 24/7 with some of the biggest songs that you just cant miss πŸ™‚

The Stations Live DJ’s


We are at that time guys, the first SLE Music Awards, recognising the talent within the SLE Indie Community. Its voted for by the SLE community to support the community and is quite a prestigious award.

So all the submissions are now in and we got some absolutely amazing music for the public vote which will be open soon, so please check back regularly and have a look, your vote does make a difference.


This is the thing we are a community and we can only grow stronger together, by joining and supporting SLE you are now within the sanctum and a very valued member of the community to us, we value your opinions, thoughts and ideas and as such want you to have an active role in SLE.

We can only grow with you in our team, that’s the truth.

Submit your ideas in the chat, twitter, Facebook, email and we put it to the vote πŸ™‚ now you cant get any more democratic and community based than that! πŸ™‚

So what does your money go towards?

We will have monthly giveaways, competitions and member participation events right here, your money and support will go into making SLE a refuge for the indie artists a community that strengthens with each member as it grows a union of fans, bands, composers, producers and individual singers.

We will look to assist charities with a small percentage of your monthly fee, and we will put that to the vote each month so whether its a (musically based or not) UK Charity, American Charity, European Charity an anywhere in the World Charity if our members want to donate to a good cause then so do we. (10% of the monthly subscription will be set aside for the charity of that month and paid out on the first day of the following month. Voting will be done here on Patreon the last day of the month. Voting is open for no more than one day.)


From your subscriptions we will;

1) Cover the costs and licensing for the station,

2) Support the Hosts who make the amazing shows you get to hear on the station, with new equipment, remuneration for their time and effort.

3) Expand the SLE Community and bring more shows to the station

4) Look to grow the video media presence of SLE not just audio

5) Get Live gigs and events setup and support the local indie artists

6) Start a record label, to promote and support the SLE Indie Artists



So you fancy submitting your music to us? Much appreciated! We’ve made the process as easy as possible to keep it fluid.

Submit via Google Drive

1) Ensure your file is either Wav or MP3 (Wav preferred) and a minimum of 128kbs

2) Name your file in this order:

Songname; Band/Artist Name; Genre

Between each section leave an underscore, the file should now look like this:


3) Now open up your googledrive and share with;


Submit via Dropbox

1) Ensure your file is either WAV or MP3 (WAV preferred) and a minimum of 128kbps

2) Name your file in this order:

Songname; Band/Artist Name; Genre

Between each section leave an underscore, the file should now look like this:


3) Now press the “Upload Music Here” button below

4) You’re done πŸ™‚


Want to get in touch? Drop us a line here!

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