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Urban Style Grit from the Suburbs – Joe Wilkie – An Artist Review

Written by on August 25, 2021

Joe Wilkie –  Artist Review

Joe Wilkie Aka Limbo, Canadian Artist straight out of Saskatchewan
Bring a Real Urban vibe, with his deep grit vocal tone, blazing rhythms, Drop Lyrical Bombs and Speaking a true reality of life down in suburbs.
His been involved in many project/ bands Revenge of the fallen, the Promised land band and dark matter with Flow.

Revenge of the fallen – Album “Galactus”

The solid all-around album, many different Tropic about the hardship of life,
A punch you in the face that makes you paid attention,
infusion with a great tone and vibe.


Majestic Deep Tone piano, slow drums ride beat, Boom!! Bleeding on the pages, with no mercy, hard, heavy, and fast Lyrics, truthful tone of a life of a nobody, Love the piano and vocal break in the middle of the song, stabbing piano and words straight at you, the end is more mellow and smooth like a realise of pain.

Sweating red Defenceless

Love the voice play “I still sound sexy’”, “oh shit, just leave it”
The inner play of words or maybe a mistake in the recording.
The futuristic synth vibe with the deep backing tone of Cat Abenstein.

Burn Burn

Haunting piano with the dark fat tone, with atmospheric Abstract urban Hip Hop Sound, Joe delivers in his unmistakable style, deep and heavy, weighing the value of every word, and with light chords vocals.
This song gives me a feeling of the Gorillaz, Brilliant!!

The Promised Land Band – the Album “Limbo”

Fantasy album, a slice of truth life, songs that address heavy topics with soul, hip hop, reggae sound.
Such a brilliant mix of style music, blazing meaning lyrics, this is something special, Ron Scott and Joe Wilkie bring their own style.

Limbo feat Doh – ski

The great theme song of limbo cast (radio show). This was the first time I heard it, with a smooth sound, deep lyrics, walking the trial of life.
“Swallow a lot of shit”, “working his arse paying bill”, a life in limbo.
Simple and just Great.

A very soul and a hard song about life in the ghetto. I love the detail in the lyrics, a picture is firmly stuck in your mind, 20 years hard Labour, fight the pain, gun in his sock, ready to deal with this torturous life. Love the vocal of both Ron Scott and Joe Wilkie, play-off each other very well.


Piano with Ron Scott vocal, woo you in the story; “now we know the answer, bouncing thoughts of our conscious mind”, great chord “open the gates, I fucking came to be Blessed”. Soulful hymn of respect. Love the Edgar Allen Poe raven reference.

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