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Creative Reader

In the Spotlight with Kelly Kintner

today1 September 2022 59

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Kelly Kintner with his Guitar

In the Spotlight with Kelly Kintner

The first time I heard “the Ticket” I was sure that this was from a movie soundtrack. It had such a grip of me and it has been a fave ever since.
In today’s “In the Spotlight” I have the HUGE honor of introducing you to Kelly Kintner!

Hi Kelly and thank you for spending this time with us, I know how busy you are.

Hi, thanks for having me. Honored to be here.


What is your story? When did you discover your love for music and when did you know that you weren’t satisfied just listening, you wanted to create too?

Well, my mother sang and my dad was a flutist. I didn’t stand a chance really. I’ve been making music my whole life. I was a trucker for 12 years. When it was time to give up trucking, I had to do something else on my own terms. I find doing music gives me the flexibility I need as a bipolar to work a lot then crash, work a lot then crash. Over and over. Very similar to trucking in that way.  It keeps me out of trouble and I’m able to do it. Winning combo.


What was the first tune you ever wrote? and what was the inspiration?

The first tune I ever wrote was called “Tomorrow’s Another Day.” I recorded it with folks from Twitter. It’s out everywhere. I wrote it when I was kicked out of boarding school and I had disappointed my father. I thought he didn’t love me anymore. I was being dramatic. Good song though. Lol!


You are married, and she is a wonderful part of your songs, how did you go from partners in love to partners in music too? and what is the biggest upside to write with someone you love?

Keri encouraged me to transition from trucking to music. I think she just started helping to get songs done. Now I can’t imagine writing without her. She’s a brilliant lyricist. It was respect for her lyrics that made me want to write with her. Still does.


You are also known for your many collabs, how did that first come about?

I am very focused on doing a few things well as opposed to being a Jack of all trades. So I have to find help when needed if I want it to be as good as I imagine. I just can’t do it all. I’ve always known this and always had a team mentality just from observing successful musicians in the past. It takes a team.


What are you working on now?

I am working with Andrew Hartshorn and Mikey J. We are making some orchestral rock type stuff. Maybe there’s some Broadway influence in there too.  Mixed by Adam is at the helm.


What are your plans for the future?

I am a terrible planner. I just don’t know the answer to this question. There’s so many variables. I had my life figured out once and it changed drastically. I hesitate to plan that far out anymore.


What is the one thing you want your Fans to know?

I love talking to them. I am so grateful for listeners and fans. Hit me up any night on Twitter @kelly_kintner


What is the one thing you would like to tell the Music industry?

I’m here


One of the things I like with writing these interviews is meeting new artist. Some I have never talked with before these interviews. But even when I have an Idea of who they are, and I have talked with them before, their answers and passion for what they do still surprises me.

This was a wonderful chat and I personally felt I’ve got to know the Kintners and their passion for all things music a bit more.

I hope you liked it too.

Kelly Kintner with his Guitar

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That’s all from me for this time

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Written by: Creative Reader

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