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Fashion Friday - What to wear, Festival edition   Hi guys! Festival season is here, are you ready? In smalltown Sweden festival season as officially started and I am getting pumped up! To be honest, Festival season in smalltown Sweden is less Coachella more family oriented. But even if my town isn't going to rock [...]

Hi guys This lil rant was sparked by me watching a hair/makeup video talking about peoples appearance, how they dress do their hair and makeup and so on. This was a great video that made me think This is actually I have asked on twitter atleast one time Do you have “ugly days”? I don’t […]

Fashion Friday - a lil rant about #ootd Hi guys! Another Friday and another Fashion Friday, well more of a rant to be honest. A rant about the #ootd As you might have noticed I have sort of started to dabble with those over on Insta. What does #ootd mean to you? 1 when you [...]
Fashion Friday - Do you have your key pieces?   Hi guys! I hope you are all doing good and is ready for the weekend. Today I have a bit of a rant for you about the key pieces in our wardrobes. With "key pieces" I mean those pieces you feel like you want/need to [...]
Fashion Friday - What do you invest in? Hi guys long time no see. How have you all been? Summer is finally reaching us in the north of Sweden and to "prepare/catch that vibe" I have been doing some shopping, and that got me thinking. We all have things in our wardrobe we care more [...]

Fashion Friday on a Wednesday? Has the world gone mad? probably just me lol But I felt like a lil rant and I am sorry to say I’m away on Friday so here I am! If you are a indie artist this rant is especially for you. Being an indie artist getting noticed is always […]

Fashion Friday - Getting inspired   How do you find your inspiration? (I am jumping right in it today lol) Are you inspired by the changing in season? Based on what you are doing? The weather? or what you are listening too? My style is ever changing, but mostly with some sort of "Rock" element [...]
Fashion Friday - Something New in my closet   A while back I was checking out twitter as I usually do when I came across a tweet from talking about some of her new merch.  You guys know me so I had to check it out and it was a stunning unisex bomber jacket [...]
Fashion Friday - Are you organized?   Hi guys, and welcome to another Fashion Friday. With spring on the way (atleast in my dreams) many of us go thru our closets to prepare for warmer temperatures and maybe make place for some new pieces and say goodbye to those that doesn't feel quite right any [...]
Fashion Friday - Old vs New   Hi guys and welcome to another "Fashion Friday" I know these are trying times for well the entire world but I hope I for a few minutes can make you think of something a bit not so serious. Sometimes we need a bit of time away form all [...]