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Hi guys! Ready for the Weekend? This week has been all over the place so I can’t wait for a relaxed weekend with some music, gaming and too much to eat šŸ˜‰ As you know I stayed at home during the “Black Week” sales.. Standing in line and fighting for what you want simply isn’t […]

Hi guys I hope you are all doing good and have a Happy Thanksgiving if that is something you celebrate. Have you done any Black Friday shopping? With covid on the move I decided to stay at home but omg I wanna do some shopping! How is the weather where you live? I live in […]

Hi guys! How have you been?   Today is all about that unlikely fave. DoĀ  you have one of those? That piece that for some odd reason seem to not only survive every closet declutter but it also get the weartime to reaffirm that it actually belongs there? And still it’s not much to look […]

Hi guys! How are you? I hope you are all good. Are you ready forĀ  Halloween?Ā  In Sweden Halloween is quite new and we don’t celebrate it with a trick or treat really. well some might. But it is slowly growing Halloween for us, is more about remembering those we lost and visit the graves. […]

Hi guys, did you miss me? Are you ready for some inspirational scents? These might not be your faves, but I hope they give you that cozy Autumnal feeling. Are you a Fall person or is Summer your vibe? To me every season have their own magic. Those spicy oranges and red you get in […]

Sigh, Summer is over and Autumn is here. I can’t deny it any longer. So it is time for me to say Good bye to my Summer scents. I will miss you soo much. The 2 from are seasonal and can’t be purchased, how ever, they usually comes out with a new scent every […]

Hi guys and Happy Friday! You guys have any plans for the weekend? Myself am looking forward to Grilled Sandwiches for breakfast with creme fraiche Banana, Broccoli and curry.. (and plenty of cheese obviously) Yum!   So, this is not the food section, this is Fashion Friday! And I went shopping the other day. Actually […]

As most of you know by now I am a Huuuuge fan of KAISER and the MACHINES of CREATION Not just because they are amazing artists, ( I have loved their music ever since I first heard) Who DecidesĀ  but these guys REALLY want this.. And they do the leg work to get there, and […]

Hi guys. I would really want your opinion. What would you guys feel about me doing my Fashion Friday a bit more on the regular side? Hopefully a mix between Fashion talk, with styling tips, OOTD mixed with some cool band tanks (hopefully some Indie bands) and so on? What do you think? I would […]

Welcome to another Fashion Friday. It’s been quite a while and I am considering to do these a bit more regularly. I am having a poll on my Twitter about it so plz let me know what you think, and if this is not your cup of tea, plz let me know what other content […]