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SLE Overall Artist/Band of the Year 2022

Written by on May 11, 2022

SLE Overall Artist/Band of the Year 2022

With so many artists out there in the Wonderful World of Indie Music, it baffles contemplation to even try and list the thousands and thousands of names into a poll for people to look through, So I decided to open up the polling to you the wonderful mass of SLE Radio Listeners, you tell me the names of the artists/bands you believe should be considered for SLE Radio Independent Artist/Band of the Year 2022.

Guys, make sure the artists you are submitting to the poll are in the SLE Library, If you are unsure add them and when we check through the submissions we will add not in the SLE Library after their name, this means they can get voted for but if we don't have submissions from the band by November the 24th they will be ineligible and will not be considered for the title SLE Artist/Band.


Share with your friends and good luck to the artists, lets see who gets the award 🙂


#sleradio #artistsof 2022 #musicof2022

Thanks for your answer!

Thanks for your Vote!! Legend!

Don't forget you only get one vote one voice and all that but you can tell your friends, family, followers to jump on and support the artists today to get a little more recognition!

Seriously thank you for taking the time to vote. Have a great day!

Reader's opinions
  1. Hatchatorium   On   May 27, 2022 at 1:32 pm

    I appreciate whoever voted for me, if it wasn’t my own vote, but I’m actually writing this and posting this as many places on music media as I can since I’ve got my domain name back (and my official Hatchatorium website, because of that). Just trying to let people know that my official website is back up and is a dot com again (after some crook stole it a few years ago and held it hostage for a ridiculous price… you know the drill, I’m sure, if you’ve ever had it happen to you! DON’T EVER LET YOUR DOMAIN LAPSE ACCIDENTALLY BECAUSE THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!) Anyway, I listed my website addy on here (it’s the simple/straightforward Thanks for sticking by me!

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