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Review of “The Kintners” – Indie-Folk Americana

Written by on July 3, 2021

The Kintners

Texas-based songwriters, Kelly and Keri Kintner, Indie-Folk Americana songs that drag you in and take you on a journey, Rawness, and powerful sound, that make you stand up and listens.
True storyteller of tales of hardships and emotion of life at its best.

Been a big fan of Bob Dylan, Johnny cash, true old country folk, the kintners bring a mix 60’s, Country, Folk, Blues, you can feel it & hear it. Each song is like a soundtrack, like straight from a movie.

Smoke and Mud

The first time I listen to the kintners, it was “smoke & mud” , It just blow me away, the deep lyrics ,the Vocals of Kelly , with the strip back raw acoustic guitar. The Sound set a scene for me, down by the river side, campfire, gentle gliding violin, like ripples in the water, a hardworking man, and the challenges of life. the lyrics just hit you from the start “my hand are cut and caked with blood”, slice of hard grit and never ease up, that what I love.

This Ticket

“While My Loves in California, I’m just waiting on a train”, metaphor of love, the journey, this ticket of joy or pain, a decision to be made. “Young lovers they all look like plastic, annoying and enthusiastic, making out in the back of the car, smell like candy in satellite traffic” just brilliant. A songwriter that gives you a slice of true reality., Love the Guitar, piano and drum and Keri back vocals, it cements the song and catches the emotions.

Two Weeks

The heartbreak of love “Your daddy said no, He left no doubt,
But we got two weeks in the Philippines to figure it out” the Story telling is at high volume, you feel sorry for the guy in question, and trials his going thought.
“Waiting in Narita I pulled out her picture, I swore I wouldn’t get this way “the lyrics just pure brilliant. The Atmosphere of the guitar, they put right in the middle of the song, it like, maybe even you had a sad moment like this in your life.

15 Years

Sentence for 15 years to reform, to think about the crime committee,” We got caught up with the sheriff after our last score, now we’re breaking rocks and writing letters home” the details in the lyrics, love the guitar intro and piano comes slow in and the Kintners take you on another journey. Brilliant!!

Gary Matters

Nice upbeat song, something different, Like Tom Petty with a hint of Traveling Wilburys
“But the feelings fade away, Black and white turns to Gray, I am better off remembering you that way. “Love the Vocals of Kelly and Keri harmonies, it’s a enjoy to hear, it just pop’s out at you. the song vibe & feeling is just great.

To Find more on the Kintners, if you Click on the Songs Titles or The Kintners name at the top, it will take you to their Bandcamp page.

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