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Review of “Need More Time” by Chenél No.1

Written by on August 16, 2021

Hi guys!


Today I have something completely different for you all.

I am actually having the HUGE pleasure to give you my thoughts on Chenél No.1 upcoming new song “Need more Time”

I usually don’t review music since I’m not a musician, and that make me feel like I am missing out in giving you all the cool stuff that really goes in to a song.

Like the different instruments, the wonders that hides in the vocals, and so on..

So I can only give  you my opinion as a listener and a lyricist.


So what are my thoughts?

There is actually a reason why I am publishing this on a Monday.

As many of you know Mondays are my Friday the 13th..

To me we should just cancel the day completely 😉

Does this mean that the song isn’t good?


Quite the opposite!

As soon as you put this song you’ll find yourself stamping along with your foot and agreeing to this spot on lyrics!

The tempo is wonderfully up beat and her voice does the music and lyrics 100% justice.

I’m not really a playlist person.

I have 2 playlists

1, Summer walking playlist

2, Winter walking playlist.

And the songs there haven’t changed much for years..

If a song makes it on my playlist it has most likely found it’s forever home

And IF I was driving to work This would certainly be on my Drive to work playlist!


You should really get your hands on this one!


You can find Chenél No.1and all info you need here


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