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Ravi on SLE

The Poetry of Ravingwolf


if you told me a year ago
i’d be working for SLE Radio
i would have told you
you must be missing a screw
you were completely nuts
i didn’t really have the guts
and now behold and see
i am working for SLE

walking down a dark alley
making sure nobody saw me
transforming into another shape
that is how i escape
only known by a few
posing as something you ain’t
they don’t have a clue
not even a faint
hiding in plain sight
fleeing into the night
till it’s time to go
so hardly anyone will know

i may seem distracted
not really paying attention
we might have interacted
but there’re things i can’t mention
things hiding in my soul
things i don’t want to show
things that make me whole
things you can never know

waiting for a sign to appear
wishing you were near
every time you disappear
to a place far from here
dreaming of a touch
want that so much
if only there was such

holding up reputation
no idea what we’re facing
fame and fortune that we’re chasing
emotions we’re erasing
the real you is fading
all these people that are playing
stupid things they are saying
different humans they’re portraying
the shady stories they’re displaying
your trust they’re betraying
on your feelings they’ve been preying

it’s time they stop hating

can’t stop crying
have to hide it
don’t show feelings
of the real things
endless thoughts
of the cause
i’m so sorry
do not worry
it is all true
i love you

feelings of rage inside me
unearthed on this day
pages of meaningful words
written by excruciating pain
unable to function
paralyzed by thoughts
distinctive repetitive movements
is all that’s left of me

my core is aching
my heart is in pain
my mind is quaking
i’m going insane
no feeling of belonging
only immense longing
to find my place
in your eternal embrace

you brighten up my day
without making an effort
you got your own way
one i can’t really afford
nothing feels pressured
but every moment so treasured
looking forward to it every time
maybe someday i can call you mine

i found an energy in you
one i thought i lost forever
no one else will do
they don’t even matter
you are in my heart
as you can obviously see
this time we won’t part
from now on till eternity

sometimes i feel like a rag doll
easily cast aside
lying here next to the wall
nowhere i can hide
anxiously waiting for your call
non of that in sight
i’m going through withdrawal
for a love that might

i want to tell you everything
but i can’t
i want to show you everything
but i can’t
i want to hold you forever
but i can’t
i want to love you forever
but i can’t
cos you are gone
and i’m still here

once in a blue moon
you find energies like you
people passing too soon
the world has no clue
of its universe hidden
inside we can find
for most of us forbidden
beings of another kind

they’ll huff and puff,
but never blow my walls down
when will it be enough
when will they accept my frown
as a part of me
nobody else i can be
it’s so obvious to see
i will never be happy

i don’t know what to believe
my mind is overcrowded
too much to receive
from moments that are shrouded
a lot to perceive
so many doubted
burdens to relieve
when the end is touted

the messages you’re sending me
are so full of misery
there is a place for you to be
where you can live in harmony

in times of need
music connects
it’s universal
understood by all
made by many

raw and unhinged
are we left behind
don’t give a cringe
on the other side
all you believed
was such a lie
we’re so relieved
when we finally die

goodbye, farewell
words of inevitable pain
shadows crawling on walls
signs of time passing
day, night, day, night
seasons changing
lifted up by the wind
carried to eternity

laying in bed – in a flat – with a cat
for at least an hour – in need of a shower – with some power
my mind is everywhere – i’m not really there – i think i don’t care
oh what’s the matter – feeling sadder – it will get better

every time i see you
my heart skips a beat
do i really need to
say so in a tweet
you know i honestly mean it
or else i would not tell
fire burns, my heart is lit
meet you back in hell