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Heroes of HiFi. V.01 – Vinyl

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Vinyl is making a comeback in a big way and what better way to start your epic collection than with this piece of Orange goodness, Heroes of HiFi. V.01 is a multi-artist compendium of some absolute classic tracks from the Independent world.

Hippiedrive Records proudly brings to you;

Side A – _Heroes of Electronica;

  1. Resist (feat.Lohrd Snohw) – The ZeroPoint Projects
  2. I Was – Gribbles
  3. Oligarchic Ganlions – The Organizing Committee
  4. Proxima? – Vapour Chain
  5. On & Off – Yellow Belly
  6. Solitude – Jinen Tronic


Side B – _Heroes of Guitar

  1. Bad Monkeys – Grunge Norris and the Slackers
  2. The Cuckoo’s Nest – The Voublys
  3. Haterz – The Coolgang Foxtrots
  4. You, Me and the Sun – Fetal Petal
  5. Honey – Koko ber
  6. Hardly Conversational – YOVA


12 Awesome tracks, from some simply divine artists, really bringing the sound of the Independent World to any worthwhile vinyl record collection.

Get yours today.

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