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Only 20 seconds left – Story behind the Song

Written by on March 15, 2021

Only 20 seconds left

Original idea for this was because I was watching the TV, and they said the Doomsday clock is getting closer, only had 20 seconds on the clock. I had a dream that night –

The songs start with Indian chimes , I was trying to get the effect of them sounding like bells.
“Bring out the dead” is a Reference” from Monty Python & the holy grail. Surely the holy grail is peace on earth .

The first verse Represents, a world which is not friendly, a lot of this world doesn’t have love anymore, our egos are more important to human today.
I remember reading about civilisation in Turkey millions years ago that didn’t have any arm forces or military presence and everybody to lived in peace.

Verse 1
Seen a world, all up in my head
Where we all living together again
No more ego ,no more dread
People loving, and want to be friends
Doesn’t matter , 20 second left

Second Verse – I spending time in India realise that animals are actually free to roam and do what they want.
If the bees die the food chain will be diminished.
Third line of the second verse, we go back to the height of the greed in the world.
cut down all the rainforests, the oxygen is supplied by the trees ,are we too much of a fool.

Verse 2
All the Animals are roaming free
buzzing bees and food always clean
No more Hatred ,No more greed
So much air, that we all get to breathe
Doesn’t matter , 20 second left

Chorus – is it so hard to believe, we know the facts about the world, but we never do nothing about them, we are just pawns in a game of the rich man.

It hard, so hard to believe
In world where we’re all should be freedom
It hard, so hard to believe
In world where we’re all should be freedom

Third versus the conclusion, where are we going, where fighting each other, world is in debt, but the rich man still wants money and he will do what he wants, we are the ones that will get pushed down, we are the one who will make him rich.

Verse 3
We’re all fighting, world in debt
Trees are burning ,no Oxygen left
Rich man crying, always obsessed
Can this nightmare ever end
Doesn’t matter , 20 second left

The reality of it is ,we don’t really care, does it matter.
Maybe I’ll be dead and long gone.
All I can do is tell the truth, that’s why it always sound political.

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