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DJ Sub Lo I've been checking out SLE Radio for sometime, great station hitting it for the indie artists, SLE Rave is epic .. Lovin the app keep going because this world needs stations like SLE RADIO! Hippie The Organizing Committee Bleep bleep bloop 10110110 happy hump day ai’s Jay SLE Radio is a growing and connected community, we chat about music, life, and movies (plus much more)  We laugh and joke but also encourage and support those in our little community while enjoying great music from the independent world. We are waiting for you, check out SLERADIO.COM and press that DISCORD Button! #commmunity #friends #support #encouragement #sleradio

Kayle Merchant

Networking Kick starting your Career

today12 June 2022 100 5

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Kayle aka Sparkly Spookay on SLERADIO.COM

Networking – STRIKE while the IRON is HOT!

“Network; It’s the only way to kick-start your career forward. Imagine you’re at a party and everybody is waiting for the other person to make the first move. who is going to move first?

It is like a game of chess and somebody has to make the first move to get the action going. Networking is the same, if you want to build sustainable connections and find opportunities. You’ll have to step out of your comfort zone to make things happen for you. Voice your abilities, don’t wait for somebody to notice you. More than likely you’ll grow more and more invisible. Sometimes you got to put yourself in front of people, it’s not big headed, it’s not arrogance – it’s what is required to get your foot in the door (mutually) . ” – Kayle Merchant

“Think Outside The box! Exactly that!

What happens when the same tactic is performed?

You get the same result!

What happens when you switch up your game?

New results start to take shape.


That’s why it is very important to not follow trends, because often some trends do not fit with our current brand. Innovation exists for a reason, and a very good reason at that. Thinking outside the box is going beyond social expectations, it’s about trailblazing, pioneering, being proactive, leaving that comfort zone and being a bit daring. Nobody ever succeeded by playing it safe, no?

Of course not. You got to try new things, you got to experiment and fail, and try again, and again until something works. This is where it gets exciting because thinking outside the box, is about trying something not yet thought of and I agree it can be a little nerve wrecking throwing your ideas out there and anticipating the reactions of others. You’ll face many objections and obstacles but you will also unlock the secrets to creativity and once you unlock your potential in creative thinking, you evidently think up new ways to effectively showcase yourself in a larger view. Look at standard marketing practices today and see if you can redo some of it in a different way, that’s how it starts for everyone. The first step is easier than you think.

Give it a go. Reinvent something. A poster, a song, a message, a jobs advert, a footwear, a phone. What would you like to have as a futuristic feature?

Then apply this strategy to your project and your brand.”

Have a nice day!


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