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hey hello… my name is Ravi and i manage “Ravi On SLE”…

this includes…
New Release Calendar
• Released Music List
RAVI ON SLE Playlist (spotify)
RAVI ON SLE Playlist (pt. 2) (spotify)
Ravi’s Great Indie’s Playlist (spotify)
Ravi’s Randoms Playlist (spotify)
Artists Info Page (google spreadsheet)
Ravi On SLE twitter list
Ravi’s Randoms twitter list
• Birthday Calendar

and my poems are on there too somewhere…

if you wanna know what music i like,
see my YouTube channel button up there (under my name)
or my personal Spotify playlists (they are a mess atm)

you can contact me via twitter DM
or send me an email

and in case you didn’t notice yet…




PART 1 – what happens when i get your pre-save link ?…
• i check if you are on our Artists Info Page and add you if you’re not
• i check if you are on our Ravi On SLE twitter list and add you if you’re not
• i add the pre-save picture to our media library (i use it on the song’s page)
• i make a new song page for our New Release Calendar with as much info possible
• i inform you i added the song to our calendar (informing collab people is up to you)
• i give you the link to the song’s page (you can use the link anywhere you want)

PART 2 – the day AFTER the song is released…
the song’s page is not visible on the calendar anymore
• i delete the song’s calendar page (the link to the page will no longer work)
• i delete the pre-save picture from our media library (we don’t need it anymore)
• i add the date, your name and the song title to our Released Music List
• i make links to your twitter profile and to your song’s spotify*
• i add your song to the top of our Ravi On SLE Playlist (pt. 2) (spotify)
• i tweet that i added you to our “Released Music List” and “Ravi On SLE playlist (pt. 2)”

* if it is an album title and there is no song with the same name, i add the first song from the album to our playlist




•   01100% All 90’s All the Time – SLE
•   02100% Synth
•   03100% Ultimate Indie Rock
•   04Alt Pop on SLE
•   05The Alternative Chart
•   06The Easy Listening Hour on SLE
•   07Electronic Selection
•   08Feeling Good Each and Everyday
•   09Game Inspired Music
•   10Gym Music – No Bull
•   11Humpday Happy Hour
•   12Indie Hip Hop from SLE
•   13Indie Rock 100% – SLE Radio
•   14The Lovers Choice
•   16RAVI ON SLE (pt. 2)
•   17Ravi’s Great Indie’s
•   18Ravi’s Randoms
•   19SLE – Go Hard of Go Home
•   20SLE – Now thats 80’s Movies (pt1)
•   21SLE – Now thats Folk
•   22SLE – Now thats Jungle (pt1)
•   23SLES – Dance Dance Dance
•   24SLES – Now that’s Country 2021
•   25TheSphere
•   26Sunday Service – SLE Radio
•   27Ultimate 90s Hip Hop beatz