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hey hello… my name is Ravi and i manage “Ravi On SLE”…

this includes…
New Release Calendar
• Released Music List
Ravi On SLE Playlist (spotify)
Artists Info Page (google spreadsheet)
Ravi On SLE twitter list
• Birthday Calendar

and my poems are on there too somewhere…

if you wanna know what music i like,
see my youtube channel button up there ⇑ (under my name)
or my Spotify playlists

you can contact me via twitter DM
or send me an email


PART 1 – what happens when i get your pre-save link ?…
• i check if you are on our Artists Info Page and add you if you’re not
• i check if you are on our Ravi On SLE twitter list and add you if you’re not
• i add the pre-save picture to our media library (i use it on the song’s page)
• i make a new song page for our New Release Calendar with as much info possible
• i inform you i added the song to our calendar (informing collab people is up to you)
• i give you the link to the song’s page (you can use the link anywhere you want)

PART 2 – the day AFTER the song is released…
the song’s page is not visible on the calendar anymore
• i delete the song’s calendar page (the link to the page will no longer work)
• i delete the pre-save picture from our media library (we don’t need it anymore)
• i add the date, your name and the song title to our Released Music List
• i make links to your twitter profile and to your song’s spotify*
• i add your song to the top of our Ravi On SLE Playlist (spotify)
• i tweet that i added you to our “Released Music List” and “Ravi On SLE playlist”

* if it is an album title and there is no song with the same name, i add the first song from the album to our playlist




100% All 90’s All the Time – SLE
100% Synth
100% Ultimate Indie Rock
Alt Pop on SLE
Electronic Selection
Feeling Good Each and Everyday
Game Inspired Music
Gym Music – No Bull
Humpday Happy Hour
Indie Hip Hop from SLE
Indie Rock 100% – SLE Radio
SLE – Go Hard of Go Home
SLE – Now thats 80’s Movies (pt1)
SLE – Now thats Folk
SLE – Now thats Jungle (pt1)
SLES – Dance Dance Dance
Sunday Service – SLE Radio
The Alternative Chart
The Easy Listening Hour on SLE
The Lovers Choice
Ultimate 90s Hip Hop beatz