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John Warwicks – Project – The Docklands on SLE

Written by on February 20, 2021

John Warwicks – The Project

Really like to understand Sound and how it works.
I wanted to get more into composing side, the different techniques and styles.
How to create tension, atmosphere or even an ambient sound.

Also being a very avid amateur photographer for many years.
Just wanted to combine the two, sound, photo & create a piece of art.

Many years I’ve love the Docklands,
It’s has Seriously been through many changes in its lifetime.

I decided to dedicate some time to create the independent documentary of a view of the docklands through my eyes.

It will be in Fours Parts Project, each part will be a different style of music that I’m trying to learn,
Part 1 & 2 are more classical basic and Part 3 & 4 Electronic music.

Docklands – Part one

The Water

The water always flows, it’s one of the most powerful elements on our planet. It’s can break through anything over time, it can corrode, rot, rust, deteriorate almost any material. But is such a vital part of our life, we need water to survive.

this is why the Docklands became so strong because of its waterways.
Building & Shipyard repair, trading ports, docklands at one stage was a very vibrant area. Bringing in rum, sugar, spices, tobacco and much more from all over the world.

I used video and images of water, to represent the calmness of water itself, and Old cranes, storage house as the tension, this was a big change for the Docklands area.

Using a happy sounding element to the water “let the water flow”,
And heavy dark sound to the “changes of trade”, gives the piece a lot of tension, and release.
If you listen closely the parts of the water start to get less and less as trade and money was more important.

Every selection grows as you listen on, wanted to build more of feeling of a growing Industrial landscape.

The control of the water and the confrontation between the
Evolution of the Docklands.

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