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In the Spotlight with Tony Grands!

Written by on May 13, 2021

Some create music, others do sooo much more.
Today I have the big pleasure to have a chat with none other than Mr Tony Grands!

Hi and Welcome to “In the Spotlight”!


1, Who IS Tony Grands?

Tony Grands is a writer, rapper, speaker, artist, family man, business man, survivor; I wear too many hats to be specific. It would probably be easier for someone else to tell me who I am at this point. My most prestigious title, I guess, would be entrepreneur. I own a shirt store and a hat store, and that’s the pinnacle of my journey to date.


2, Which artists would you say have influenced you the most as an artist?

Rap-wise, it would be Redman, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, and Big Daddy Kane. That’s the foundation from where all the early days of creativity flow from. I try to draw influence and inspiration for everywhere. People and times change. All aspects of life must change also or there is no balance. My current inspiration for all things is Byron Allen. I know he’s not an artist, but his command of media and ownership is just as mighty and steadfast as a stroke from Michaelangelo’s brush.


3, Music, Pods and merch, Where do you find the energy and what are you up to next?

Honestly, I don’t know how to not be doing something. My energy is perpetual. I stopped drinking [alcohol] in 2008. In rehab my counselor taught me to get back to the man I was before I began drinking. That man was an artist of varying degrees, so once I healed up enough to start pursuing dreams and aspirations again, I did so. And haven’t stopped since. I’m up until 330AM on any given night, manifesting my destiny. Next up is a gameshow called “WhoThatIs!,” more work on Tony Tuesdays – a pod I have with my buddies Joe and Sarah, and i haven’t peered beyond that. We shall see.


4, What is the one thing you would like to tell your fans?

I love you and don’t drink and drive.


5, What is the one thing you would like to tell the Music Industry?

Nothing at all. I have no desire to be a part of it. At this point in life I’m totally fine with never becoming a famous rapper.


Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for us! And good luck with all your plans for the future.

Thank you for the invitation! I truly appreciate it. Readers can find me on Enjoy the journey, guys…

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