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Creative Reader

In the spotlight with Robin Tinglöf

today22 December 2021 84

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Welcome to another “In the Spotlight”, Today I have the huge honor in giving you the multi talented  Artist Robin Tinglöf.


Thank you soo much for joining us today Robin.

Thanks for having me!  🙂



Musician, Songwriter, Producer and you create the most wonderful paintings. Where did it all start and where do you find the time to do all this?

Thank you very much! The music bug took a hold of me when I was about four years old. I can still remember the magic when listening to the sound of my toy piano and the sound of the different keys. My parents noticed my fascination and soon I got better instruments to play. This was in the late seventies.

After playing the piano and different keyboards during my childhood my father thought I needed a little bit more rock ’n roll in my life and bought me an electric guitar when I was about 14 years old.  From that age I started to play in different bands and so on.  The guitar and bass guitar became my main instruments and during high school I fell in love with jazz and jazz fusion and I believe a lot of my song writing today is inspired of that era. (Even though I write music in many different genres)
I love harmonies and melodies that are simple but still have something that are bit outside the box of ordinary pop music that is often what I’m aiming for. The last couple of years I’ve been working with music production that includes arranging music, recording, song writing and such and that is really what I like to do the most. I still play live from time to time mostly these days with Thomas Järvheden (Swedish comedian and singer). I also arranged and co produced a big part of his lastest album ”Rövåret 2020”. It was a very fun project! 
Since the economy of a musician has its ups and downs you need to have a supportive partner – my wife is my very supportive partner! My respect and thanks goes to her.
When it comes to painting I started in 2018 because I got some paint and canvases on my birthday. So this is a rather new passion for me. But just as the music bug grabbed me when I was a kid this painting bug bit me as an adult and it’s truly amazing to find new creative paths when getting older. The same magic I felt with music as I kid I felt with painting as an adult.

So, music and painting is what I do monday to friday. Primarly music


Having to choose, what is your true passion? (this is a mean question I know 😁 )

That is a tricky question! I think music always will be number one since it came to me when I was very young and I can’t see my self separated from it.  Music to me is more like breathing, just something I can’t stop do. It would be a disaster to stop doing!



What would you say are the biggest benefits for you personally to be multi creative, and what are your plans for the future?

The first I think of is that I’m planning an art exhibition next year here in Knivsta containing both specially written music and art that I’ve created. So there you have at least one benefit! 🙂

It is just very joyful to be able to create both music and art and I’m excited to see how it can be mixed together. The exhibition is called ”De assimilerade” or “The assimilated” in English and will handle something that shook me and my family when we 2014 got to now the real reason why my mother was taken from her family in 1948 and put in a foster home. It’s about getting to know your own history
as an adult and how to approach it. (The circus is one of the paintings for the exhibition)



What would you like to tell your Fans?

Thanks for listening and support my music and my art! I’m very thankful!

My daughter once told me when she was about four years old ”Daddy, you will never be cool to me, it’s like you trying to fool me” and I’m telling you;

– I ain’t going to try to fool you I’m cool. I’m not.  Thanks for the support anyway! 🙂



What is the one thing you would like to tell the Music industry?

I can’t tell them anything they don’t already know. The conditions have changed for the industry and the independent artists have more freedom and possibilities today than ever. It will be interesting what will happen to the industry in the next ten years or so.



Thank you so much for joining us and I am excited to see what you’ll bring us in the future.

Thanks again for having me!  🙂


And You can find Robin Tinglöf here

Written by: Creative Reader

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