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Creative Reader

In the Spotlight with Hit The Ground Runnin’

today7 April 2022 136

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It was just a regular morning with me listening to Jay play some Awesome music on “Good Morning SLE” when one lyric really got my attention.
“Streets are on fire, where do I turn There’s a burning desire and I just have to learn But if I had to make a change to the state where I was Never going back Simply Because”
And that is how I was introduced to ” Hit The Ground Runnin’ ” and their Amazing tune “Simply Because” from 2021

And I was floored!
Who are these guys?

And it is my big pleasure to share those answers and more with you!


Hi and thank you so much for joining me here “In the Spotlight”

Who is “Hit The Ground Runinn’Runinn'”

Jimmy – We’re Hit The Ground Runinn’,
We formed in 1985 Under the Name Free Delivery and we have been writing and recording music together on and off for the good part of 37 years.
We established ourselves as recording artists in 1989 after recording our debut album Sudden Impact – released on Autograph Records, BMI 1989.
We went on to record two more albums, “Control Yourself” (2000) and “HGR” (2007).
We have recently reunited with all 5 original members and have just finished our 4th studio album titled “Lost In Translation” which will be released Worldwide June 17th 2022 on Pride and Joy Music.


You guys have been playing since 1985 (with the early name Free Delivery) and from what I can tell there hasn’t been many changes in the line up since then.
What is your secret to keeping the band together all this time?

Jimmy – We have had a few lineup changes over the years but we are now back to the original lineup from 1985.
The secret is we love writing and recording together and we believe in our music.
We are great friends and brothers who have been through thick and thin together for almost 4 decades.


When did you feel it was time to change your name and what inspired you to go with Hit The Ground Runinn’?

Jimmy – We signed a management and recording deal with Nise Productions in 1986 and we were asked to change the name of the band by one of our managers, Hilary Schacter.
He came up with the name so we made the change immediately and we never looked back.


Listening to your music I can feel a red thread going through the albums, Where did you first find your inspiration as a young band and has that changed much over the years?

Jimmy- We spent several years writing and recording our songs in our bass player’s basement studio (Paul Piccari) It was through these recordings that we crafted our sound and style that we still gravitate towards today.
Our sound really hasn’t changed all that much over the years.
It’s just a more modern version of what we’ve always been.
We have a pretty unique and identifiable style that runs through all of our albums.
We’re not really a formula band, we’re actually quite eclectic with our song writing.
We have strong rock, progressive rock and pop influences that show through in everything we write and record.


Do you guys feel like your role in the band is the same as when you started or has time evolved your roles and band dynamic?

Jimmy – We’ve kept it the same over the years – we all write, but Paul (Piccari) and Blair (Rumsey) have been the key writers all along.
We all contribute the way we always have pretty much since the beginning and we all sing.
Perhaps that’s why we still are able to maintain our sound over so many years.


Playing live or creating a new album in the studio, what gives you more satisfaction?

Jimmy – I love both very passionately. I’ve leaned more towards the studio over the years but there is nothing in this world like playing live. And we really look forward to getting back out there on the road soon.


What are some of your favorite memories over the years either recording or performing on stage?

Jimmy – We’ve had some great highlights over the years opening for many great artists such as John Entwhistle, Cinderella, Britny Fox, Blue Murder, Aldo Nova, Blue Oyster Cult and many many more.
We’ve also had amazing times in the studio recording our albums.
Just being able to review our notable past together has been quite a highlight during this reunion.
We really have been through the mill together and we’re right back at creating more great highlights.


With a new single on its way AND a new album coming in June, What can we expect?

Jimmy – We have three new singles and videos scheduled for release over the next few months in preparation for our brand new album release, “Lost In Translation” this June 17th 2022.
We are preparing for shows and hope to be out in support of this new record sometime during the summer.

(The band also have a book “the greatest rock and roll band you never heard of” that is tentatively going to be released in June 2022.)


With covid restrictions lifted and hopefully never coming back, are you guys planning and live gigs this summer?

Jimmy – Yes we are. We are planning shows as we speak.


What is the one thing you would like to tell all your Fans?

Jimmy – We appreciate all the support we had for the band all these years! It has been amazing.
We are looking forward to recapturing our magic as found in our earlier releases and are super excited letting everyone see what we have been up to over the last few months.
We have an amazing album that will capture our unique sound and style that sets us apart from other bands within this amazing genre!
Blair – Song writing with friends is the most amazing bond of all musical relationships. It is an special connection between everyone that wrote it. No one else but us could share that unique place and time where the birth of a fantastic song begins. The instrumentalization and performance associated with this process symbolizes the strength and continual friendship between us over the years and the trials and tribulations that inspired us to create this music. “Songs are like children they are fragile and small. Anything can change them, anything at all”
Paul – Hit The Ground Runnin’ has been making great music for well over 30 years. We would like to thank all of our fans for sticking with us through long gaps between records and shows and hope to make new friends and fans with the new book and album coming out in June.


What is the one thing you would like to tell the Music industry?

Jimmy – The industry has changed significantly since we started in the 1980’s now today with the growth of the internet, social media and online music marketplaces our ability to reach audiences that were unachievable 30 years ago are now active members of our community. From Japan to Germany, to Brazil and Italy our fans across geographical and linguistic divisions have through music become part of our growing fanbase.
Blair – As a musician we love everything we compose and curate. Getting our music out there, out to the world to hear is always biggest challenge in being a musician/and or composer. As my friend said to me “there is a lot of great talent sitting at a bar right now wasting their next big opportunity”. You need to firstly believe in your music and surround yourself around people that can get you to that next level and next opportunity
so that you can be noticed. Don’t waste your talent and never give up on your dreams!
Paul – Hit The Ground Runnin’ is one of the greatest bands that has never been fully discovered. Making it to the next level relies upon a lot of factors, right timed opportunities that is not an easy feat to achieve but by believing in your music, your brand and identity your fans will come in waves and support you in ways you never
thought was ever possible!


That was my chat with Hit The Ground Runnin’ and personally I can’t wait to hear their new album AND have a look at their book.

And YOU can find more from the band here

Written by: Creative Reader

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