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Creative Reader

In the Spotlight with Hippie Drive!

today29 April 2021 35 1

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Hi, Hippie Drive and welcome to “In the Spotlight”!

Thank you for this C actually really enjoyed doing it.


1. What IS Hippie Drive Records Inc?

First let me explain the name. When my daughter was young, my wife would bring her out in the car to go shopping or collect her from her friends. Even though Jersey is small 9 miles by 5 miles (or 14km by 8km), my wife would always get lost down some little Jersey lanes, eventually ending up at their correct destination. My daughter would call this a ‘Hippie Drive’ for some reason and it just stuck. Pretty philosophical message too for someone so young – no matter what twists and turns your journey takes, you’ll get where you need to be, in the end!

The label came about because I got rejected by a small – label they were actually really nice. I began to think that there must be a better or different way to do this.I also, through interactions with BBC Introducing’s Feedback Friday and hearing bands from all over the UK, started to realize how many talented unsigned artists there were out there. I always loved vinyl and just had a brainwave to create my own label and first ever vinyl record. Finding the artists was a bit of a challenge because I decided to search worldwide for electronica and alternative guitar artists. which is the music I love and actually what the label is about (although I’m not really into dubious genre descriptors). The only artist I was sure of was The Zeropoint Projects, a cyberpunk electronic artist, who reminded me of a beefed up Portishead with some Chemical Brothers and Massive Attack thrown into the mix.

Craig from The Zeropoint Projects really helped me and provided me with some great suggestions, many of whom are on this first album. Frankly 2020 was a dumpster fire of a year but the new music scene was the flames that kept me going.

It’s my own record label, we have all the professional memberships and even get a vote in the brit awards. It seems bizarre to say this but we make records – lots of labels don’t anymore. There was a record shop not far from where I lived and I would spend hours in it. I would get money from someone and the first thing I’d do would be to buy a record or order one. Wait like 6 weeks for it to arrive. My family were a musical bunch. I used to love putting on records at home. It didn’t really matter what it was. I thought it was magical and beautiful. I still do.

2. Orange is one strong and noticeable color. What is the story behind that?

At the end of October the seed for the label was in my head. There is a hotel very close to my house. We had just come out of lockdown and decided to go out and celebrate, more importantly I also wanted to discuss the idea with my wife. It was halloween there were no Halloween decorations in the hotel but it was spooky as hell. It was built in 1860 but has been updated with a modern twist, it’s actually very attractive. It was empty and was very like the hotel in The Shining I was expecting twins in the corridor or a kid on a wee bike to arrive at any minute. Anyway, I took my wife there to discuss the idea and she was very supportive and suggested the black and orange colour scheme, she absolutely loves Halloween. Like you asked in the question I thought yeah that’s a strong colour and will look good on vinyl.


3. What are your plans for the future?

Short term we have another record coming out, hopefully this year, which I’m really excited about. The concept for it is super secret but if you buy me some sweets and cakes I’ll tell you. I can say it’s going to be another coloured vinyl.
We have plans but it’s nice to go with the flow. We may do another Heroes of HiFi album. Who knows what the future holds but we know it’s bright and it’s orange!! The goal is world domination.


4. What is the one thing you would like to tell your fans?

We want the artists that we featured on the album to get the fans they deserve. We also want to very much sit in the background and help with trying to think of new or old ways to get them the exposure we think they deserve.


5. What is the one thing you would like to tell the Music Industry?

A survey by Citigroup found that of the USD$43 billion generated by the music industry in 2017 artists received less than 12% of that. Wise up is what I’d like to say that’s simply not right!!!


Thank you so much for taking the time to join us, and I hope the future will be as bright as your Vinyls.

YOU can find Hippie Drive here!


Written by: Creative Reader

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