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Creative Reader

In the Spotlight with Dark Side Bright Side

today19 August 2022 60

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In the Spotlight with Dark Side Bright Side

Awesome Music and cool guys!

To day I have the pleasure of introducing you to “Dark Side Bright Side”

Welcome and thank you for chatting with us today.


How was “Dark side Bright side” created?

Dark Side Bright Side was born from the need of Marco Gennaro, our guitarist and composer, to translate in music certain emotions and thoughts evoked from unfortunate events of his life. His mother went through more or less four years of chemotherapy, and in June 2020 she unfortunately passed away.

The first album of Dark Side Bright Side represent an ode to Marco’s mother but it’s also an exploration of the concepts of life and death.

The result of Marco’s efforts is a concept album divided in two blocks.

The first one is centered on the creation of life and the depiction of various and peculiar ways of surviving of some forms of life in our world. Like the Nautilus (title track of the first single), a living fossil, who managed to keep unchanged its biological system for millenia by living in solitude in the depths of the oceans; or the olive tree who defeats death by dividing its trunk, once empty and dry,  into smaller branches, which will continue to live on.

The second block takes direct inspiration from the illness of his mother, the cancer, the realization of the existence of death and the grief. A philosophical concept, like the proprioception, our ability to perceive our physical world, has been used as a synonym of our ability to perceive our existence and at the same time to understand death.

Impressive and thriving ecosystems living in earth sinkholes, called Cenotes, are compared to the memories of a loved one who left us, laying in hidden and safe places of our mind.

Each track was composed and arranged following fictional stories, which can be seen as some kind of movie plot; thus making the whole album eligible for a film score.

The music of Dark Side Bright Side can be seen as a mixture of modern progressive metal, djent and grunge, containing elements of modern jazz, fusion and electronic music. Bands like Karnivool, Periphery, The Contorsionist, Animal as Leaders, Plini, Mastodon have been a big influence during the whole album production process.


Where do you find your inspiration?

The first album it’s obviously inspired by Marco’s life events, but one can say that the whole world itself, and the various form of life that are inhabit it are a big and infinite source of inspiration.


What are you working on now and what are your plans for the future?

We started thinking about the thematic of our next album, and topics like lucid dreams and consciousness are probably the next subject.

We are now focused on releasing music on internet and show what we’ve been doing in those couple of years.

The next step is to go out and play live shows in front of a real audience. We are now organising concerts for the winter 2022/2023


What is the one thing you would like to tell your fans?

The pandemic has been pretty hard on all of us, though the the music industry but and more specifically those whoe worked in the live music business has suffered definitely more than other sectors of our society. Don’t be afraid to go back to club concerts and festivals. We need you as you need art in your life.


What is the one thing you want the Music Industry to know?

During those years a lot of good music has been written and published. Many smaller bands produced plenty of material of quality and that’s where the booking agencies and labels should look at in order to guarantee a future for the new generations of musicians. The industry, at least in rock music, should be focused more on the quality instead of looking just at numbers.


Thank you guys for taking of your busy schedule to hang with us.. Can’t wait to see what you have for us in the future!


and YOU can find more of “Dark Side Bright Side” here

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Cya next time

Written by: Creative Reader

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