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Creative Reader

In the Spotlight With Bruno Skibbild and Laura Mena

today3 February 2022 28 1

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Hi and welcome to another “In the Spotlight”
Today I have the huge pleasure to present Bruno Skibbild and his daughter Laura Mena, BOTH musicians.

I am so happy you both had the time to do this for us.


Where did you both find your passion for music?

Laura: Well, I definitely found my passion through my dads music. From a very young age he would play not only covers, but also his own original songs for me and my brother. He would expose us to so many different genres as well. And we would have so much fun singing and dancing together.

Bruno: I got my passion for music from my two older brothers. I was always listening to what type of music they came home with. As for playing and writing my own original songs came from my sister and her husband. They gave me my first guitar and taught me how to play. When I was a kid we all enjoyed singing, the whole family together.


When did you realize that your daughter had a gift for music and was it for you Laura positive to have a parent that also had a music interest?

Laura: Yes, it indeed is! Many parents aren’t a fan of their kids going into a creative career. But I never had that problem with my dad because he always understood my dreams.

Bruno: I always knew that my daughter had a creative mind. I knew that she had a special sense for words and rhythm. As for singing she was always one of the good singers in choir practice, when she was a young child. But I should say that I was taken by surprise, when she wrote her first full song and showed it to me. It was really good, and I’m very proud of it.


Where do you find the inspiration for your music?

Laura: I find my inspiration through several different artists. But two of my biggest heroes have to be Alicia Keys and Kehlani.

Bruno: For the songwriting and the way to build up a track I’m very much inspired by Springsteen. The energy and power and at the same time emotion driven lyrics about life itself. As a teenager I was very much into Kiss and a big fan of them. That’s rock’n’roll.


Have you or have you ever thought about creating something together?

Laura: Yes. We definitely have. And without revealing too much. I’m gonna say we already have something in the works.

Bruno: Of course. We wanna work together. But I think it is very important that both of us are building are own brand. From that we can create something quite new.


What advice would you give to musicians out there that have a child that is interested in music, and what advice would you Laura give to all the kids out there wanting to get into music and have a parent that is in the “business”?

Laura: Go for it! You might be afraid that u will be overshadowed by your parent, but I have experienced quite the opposite.

Bruno: In general I think your children should be supported in any way possible to follow their dreams, no matter what they are. If my daughters dream was to become a nurse or a police woman for instance. I would have supported that just as much.


What is the one thing you would like to tell all your Fans?

Laura: I know it sounds cliche, but DREAM BIG GUYS! No, matter how tough what u are going through right now feels. You can still make it someday. Life hasn’t been a dance on roses for me or my dad either. But we stayed true to who we are remained faithful and look at us now. Both living out our dreams.

Bruno: That life itself has good times and bad times, and when you do have good times enjoy and be grateful. When you have bad times. Accept that and know that better times will come.


What is the one thing you would like to tell the Music industry?

Laura: Well, I haven’t really been in the industry for that long. So I don’t really feel qualified to answer the question.

Bruno: Well, not really anything. But I do enjoy experiencing the growth of independent artists/producers/musicians. We are becoming a bigger and bigger part of the music industry.


Thank you so much for doing this and I have to say it was Really interesting!

and YOU can find more of Bruno and Laura here

Laura Mena


Bruno Skibbild

Written by: Creative Reader

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  1. Jay on 3 February 2022

    Great! Another excellent read! And Bruno bang on bud, Sometimes there are good days sometimes there are bad days, for the good enjoy for the bad remember they can’t last forever!