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Creative Reader

In the Spotlight with AOR Gypzy

today21 July 2022 136

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In the Spotlight with AOR Gypzy


My favorite thing about writing interviews is

1 all the cool artists I get to chat with

2 being able to share them with all of you.

And today I have the HUGE pleasure to introduce you to AOR Gypzy!


Hi guys and thank you so much for hanging with us today.


Who are AOR Gypzy?

We are an AOR Melodic Rock project formed in 2018 primarily ran by myself (Tom Burr) and Vocalist Jason Vanek. AOR Gypzy has taken different forms overtime but has mainly been in the vein of 80s melodic rock.


What is the story behind the name?

AOR is kind of self explained, the Gypzy part was based on the attitude of non conformance, hence the Z instead of an S.


What are you working on at the moment?

Right now we are finishing up the “Sins Of Vice” full length album, all songs are written and recorded, it’s just a matter of getting it all touched up and processed. It has taken about a year and half to complete!


Summer is here, What are your plans?

I’m sure we would actually like to take a break from all of studio time/writing, and just go out and perform with our live bands we are in. This past year and a half has been a major pain in the ass so it would be nice to just relax on beach and spend time with family for a few months.


Other than gigs and the current album, what are your plans for the future?

We really don’t look into anything future wise, after this album is out we may work another one or we may just move on to other things, take a break. We don’t really have anyone tying us down or setting deadlines, so we have that freedom to basically call the shots on our terms.


What is the one thing you would like to tell your fans?

Despite us being a bit more introverted and our lack of social media presence, we do see you and we really do appreciate everyone who listens to our music! Thank you!!!


What is the one thing you would like the Music Industry to know?

The music industry is a shitty place! As an artist, do things you’re way, keep what you write and don’t give in to these greedy pricks who will ruin your life. No amount of money or exposure is worth sacrificing song writing intregity or being an individual! Watched too many artist’s and bands who at one point were unique in their own way, fall victim to these snakes who completely changed them into sounding like every other generic, overly compressed run of the mill, fretboard gymnastic pony you hear today. Never compromise, keep YOUR sound!


This was my chat with AOR Gypzy. I hope you enjoy it as I did writing it!



You can find more of AOR Gypzy here






And YOU can find more of ME here




And YOU can find more of SLE here


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Cya next time! 🙂


Written by: Creative Reader

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