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Creative Reader

In the spotlight with Allegro Radio

today27 January 2022 55

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Hi and Welcome to another “In the Spotlight”
Today I have the huge honor of presenting you with the people behind “Allegro Radio”
Thank you for spending this time with us.


What is Allegro Radio?

Allegro Radio is a part of the Allegro Recording Class giving our kids the opportunity to broadcast from our studio. It is meant to be student created and lead.


How did you come up with the idea and how did it go from being just an idea to reality?

I’m always trying to find ways to expand how our studio is utilized. Schools really need programs that motive students to be excited and have pride in their school. That is what I’m hoping the show does. My band Olive Dares the Darkness submitted a song to SLE Radio. Shortly after, a friend of ours, Phi of Khem, became a host. He enjoyed our podcast and suggested we reach out to Jay to get our own show. After we’d been on the air for a bit, I suggested a student show to Jay and he loved the idea…. and here we are.


What are your plans for the show in the future and what is the experience you hope this will bring the students?

The 3 primary hosts, Madison, Sarah, and Cece have already spoken to Jay about becoming regular hosts after they graduate. The couldn’t be more excited about it. I hope our show continues long into the future. We’re looking into creating a non-profit record label helping under-privileged artists and the show would be central to that.


What advice would you give other students that are dreaming about a future in the media?

Don’t get hung up on gear, skills are more important than any amount of gear. Also, don’t be afraid to learn. Time on the water and experience are the only tools you need.


What advice would you give other teachers out there that want to get their students into some similar project?

Don’t be afraid to bug your principal with good ideas. We were doing a mobile graduation party during the pandemic and I was riding around in the truck with our Principal. I presented the idea then and he loved it, the studio was up and running the next year.


Now I am interested to know what the Students themselves have to say.
Hi and thank you so much for having this “chat” with me.



How did you all react when you heard about the “Allegro show” on SLE?


I was SUPER excited to have the chance to talk about music and pick out songs for an ACTUAL RADIO SHOW. I was a little nervous to do it but I had to try it out.


I was very excited! I was “Oh wow! We can broadcast our school news to people around the world!” I also wondered if people wanted to hear 4 teenage girls talk about school. 


I was excited to hear about the creation of the show, and was looking forward to it officially being put into motion!


What has been the most fun, and the most challenging in this project?


The most fun part is talking with my friends and having a good time. It’s also so fun getting the chance to get experience in something I didn’t know I enjoyed. I’ve found that this is really something that I love doing and will definitely pursue in the future. The most challenging part is getting out of my comfort zone and putting myself out there. I have gotten more comfortable but I still get nervous every time.


The most fun part of this is being able to have an hour to myself and my besties to just talk and jam out to music. I enjoy talking to people and having people listen to me babble on about whether or not dogs can talk! The hardest part honestly, is the nerve wracking dread of having to do the best that I can to make people happy and walking up the stairs. So tiring


For me, the most fun part has been choosing which songs to play and reaching out to different musicians. The most challenging part has been time management for me. and waking up for alarms. My ability to sleep through alarms is unmatched! It’s a skill really.


How many of you want to pursue this or something similar as a career in the future?


I will definitely consider doing this in the future. Life is short and I want to do the most that I can to enjoy my time and do things I love


I believe that we all do! I definitely will!


I think a career similar to this would be really cool! I’ve always wanted to be a story time animator or possibly a V-Tuber. Not exactly the same as a radio host, but close enough!


What advice would you give other students that would love the opportunity to do something similar if they ever got the chance, but are too shy?


You will be a lot more comfortable when it comes the time to stream. Relax and just talk naturally as yourself. I am a very nervous and socially anxious person, but it will come naturally if you just be yourself. That’s so corny but it’s true.


Do it! You can’t see them and they can’t see you! Just have fun with it as well! Jay from Sle radio said “It’s your radio show, do what you want with it.” And we def make it our own! You can too! Be comfortable with it and yourself


Thank you so much for doing this and best wishes for the future


And YOU can listen to Allegro Radio Show on Fridays 1pm UK time here on SLE!

Written by: Creative Reader

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