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Creative Reader

Fashion Friday – What to wear, Festival edition

today22 July 2022 55

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Fashion Friday - What to wear, Festival edition


Hi guys!

Festival season is here, are you ready?

In smalltown Sweden festival season as officially started and I am getting pumped up!

To be honest, Festival season in smalltown Sweden is less Coachella more family oriented.

But even if my town isn’t going to rock I sure am!

But what to wear?

Here are some of the things I am going to wear and my thoughts about them. Most you will probably recognize many times over.

And check for links in the end.

First the tanks.

Don’t tell me you are surprised I chose these? Come on.. They are a given.

(I will most likely wear all of these at one time or another if the weather allows it but the signed one from Kaiser and the Machines of Creation I have saved especially for this festival.)

But these are at this point the only  ones I am sure about.

Which would you chose?



Even if tops except for the ones above is a bit of a pickle the shorts/capri aren’t.

These have been on the table a long time coming even if the capris are new.

The days might still be warm (Knock on wood) the nights are getting colder and I want the mosquitoes to fight for it a little.

If you are a female

Are you a shorts, skirt, capri or pants person?

if male

Shorts or pants (or something else?)?

I would love to know.




Accessories shouldn’t have been this difficult but I am blaming that on you guys, because as I was thinking on writing this post I had two options. The single ones in the down right corner. I was simply going to wear my everyday

(I have 2 piercings in my left ear and 4 in my right)

and just switch up my top on the right with one of those.. the hoops and studs I am wearing now are quite cool. But then I started to think of the other cool ones I have that hasn’t seen the light for some time.

(Yes I know, they need a good polish)

the two rings I was actually kindly gifted earlier this week and I will talk a bit about them later in this post.

Bracelets on the other hand will most likely be one of those in the right picture.

These are all costume jewelry but they still Rock.

Do you have any “festival jewelry”?



a cross shoulder/hand bag?

I need all my stuff bag?

or why not a “fanny pack”?

I am leaning towards either the cross shoulder or fanny pack.

I don’t need much stuff since I live close by and they feel a bit more secure.

Do you worry about thieves on festivals?

Do you choose your bag on looks or security?

Do you have a way to make the things in your bag feel more secure?

Have you had your bad or wallet stolen?

I sometimes put a chain from the zipper to the fitting of the strap.

Can look quite cool if you do it right 😉



Belts is a no-brainer.

I only have two that I use for these kinds of events.

or any other chance I’ll get lol



But now to these amazing rings I was so kindly gifted.

After seeing these on Twitter and being amazed on how cool they looked

(I was actually at the time looking at similar jewelry on Guldfynd to have on my thumb or index finger)

I was contacted by their creator that asked if he could gift me one.

I was a bit unsure at first, these should be bought not gifted, but after a bit of a chat I said yes..

and was gifted not one, but two..

the smaller one is the perfect size but the bigger is just a bit too big..

Either my bf will give it a go (but he isn’t really a jewelry sort of guy, doesn’t even like to wear a watch) or I will simply have it as necklace piece.

Stunning aren’t they?

and since they are hand made no jewelry will look the same.

I will have a link for you to check them out at the end of the post.



But OMG the shoes.

If I was just at home I would simply wear one pair during the day and another at night.

But since I am going to be at my bfs place that is just waaaaay too many shoes to carry.

And his neighbors have to move out so we’ll have somewhere to store them. lol

I will try to settle for 3 pairs and my sneakers.

Which would you choose?

How do you choose for yourself?



That was all I had for you this time..

It got a bit long but I hope you’ve enjoyed it and maybe got some ideas.

I would love to how you think when it comes to events.

Have a wonderful weekend. Cya next time 🙂


You can find more from me here


You can find more from SLE here


And as Always.

Don’t forget to Comment, Like and Share with your friends 🙂


Written by: Creative Reader

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