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Creative Reader

Fashion Friday – What do you invest in?

today3 June 2022 48

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Fashion Friday - What do you invest in?

Hi guys long time no see.

How have you all been?

Summer is finally reaching us in the north of Sweden and to “prepare/catch that vibe” I have been doing some shopping, and that got me thinking.

We all have things in our wardrobe we care more or less about.

For some it is all about the Brand, for others it is about price, and don’t forget about echo or vegan options and how about those pieces that will last you a long time?

Where do you invest when it comes to your wardrobe?

Here are some pieces I have recently bought, sort of what I payed for them and what my reasoning is.

Don’t forget, my opinions and values are for ME, you might feel completely different and that is OK!


Ah, my new tops for my summer walks.

I so love these and have about a million of them.

If you know how much I love my walks you aren’t surprised lol

So to have a lot of these might seem a bit much to some, and I sort of can understand that. These are my “workout” tops. These will get used and abused and for that reason they won’t last that long and to be honest, I like variation.

the price range of these are  between 49:90 – 99sek and the higher price was on sale. 49:90 yes 99 I really have to think about it.

(and most likely wait until they are on sale if they aren’t reeeeeally special and might go out of stock)

As a member of the SCC (small chest club lol) these are excellent for me and my walks. They are light, thin and I can wear the bra of my choice underneath.

I would prefer a sports bra but I haven’t found anyone with the right fit and look in my price range so these are a great solution for me.


So I have searched to find these!!!!

Capri jeans shorts. Loooove!

So why 3 pairs?

and aren’t the two blue the same?

yes and no. Yes they are the same but in two sizes.

Due to life happens I have lost some weight lately and because it is mostly due to stress and not a healthy lifestyle I am most likely to gain that weight right back as soon as things calm down.

The blue I actually bought to full price 399sek and now we are reaching my breaking point when it comes to most clothes. 499 I think is the highest I usually go if it isn’t something really special like a really great winter coat or something like that. But I have looked actually for years to find capris like these and who know how long they will stay in fashion this time so to me they where worth it. and yes even two at full price.

The black pair isn’t my usual style and at the original price 299sek I wouldn’t have bought them to be honest but at 70% off I was like.. well why not 😀


My shoes <3

Like I’ve said.. I am all about my summer walks and HERE is where I really invest.

As some of you might now I have struggled with sleeping issues for most of my life and my way of feeling well rested is after my walks.

I know it sounds odd but after a great one hour+ walk I feel like I’ve been sleeping well for 8 hours.

I just feel so energized in a way I do from nothing else.


I suffer badly from pain in my periosteums

By the end of the summer I am sometimes in so much pain I can barely walk.

These are my new shoes for this summer and so far soo good I have to say, but I’ll know for sure by the end of the summer.

The price? a whopping 1699sek full price. I was lucky enough to buy them when the store had a 20% off on shoes.. But I would have bought them at full price.

AND if they are as good as I hope I will buy a second pair to have as a back up.

This is how much I need my walks and how much pain I am in.

But that is where I am in life.

These are my choices that fit with my feelings, wardrobe and wallet 😉

Oh I have a bonus pic for you!

This is my new shoe storage set up for some of my fave shoes

what do you think?

Btw my shoes even my faves usually are not above 499sek and most I try to buy on sale 😉

I would love to here where you invest.

Is it your fave Brand?

That leather (of faux) jacket that you will have for years?

Those amazing jeans?

Pls chare your faves in the comments..

I would love to read your thoughts

Have a wonderful weekend

Cya next time!



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Written by: Creative Reader

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