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Fashion Friday – The unlikely fave

Written by on November 5, 2021

Hi guys!

How have you been?


Today is all about that unlikely fave.

Do  you have one of those?

That piece that for some odd reason seem to not only survive every closet declutter but it also get the weartime to reaffirm that it actually belongs there?

And still it’s not much to look at, not any sort of hug brand name or do that much to your figure?

This is mine

(sry for the wrinkles I just got it out for the season)

As you see, it’s not much to look at.

Just an ordinary grandpa style sweater.

The size is actually way too big on me

The fabric isn’t that nice

and to be honest, it is pretty much old enough to buy it’s own liquor.


And still

It has sort of an attitude about it


Yeah I’m old

I’ve seen some sh!t

so What?

And that is sort of why I like it..

and keep coming back to it

Rock it up with my coated black?

A chilled vibe with my distressed jeans?

the combo with the jeans will actually be my OotD this Monday.


That’s all from me for today.

Have a wonderful weekend <3

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