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Fashion Friday – The scents, special moments edition

Written by on October 15, 2021

Hi guys, did you miss me?

Are you ready for some inspirational scents?

These might not be your faves, but I hope they give you that cozy Autumnal feeling.

Are you a Fall person or is Summer your vibe?

To me every season have their own magic.

Those spicy oranges and red you get in the Fall, That first Winter snow and all the stars in the sky, the first green in Spring, and those Wonderful Summer days. (and don’t forget about those summer nights)


My autumnal special moment scents are quite powerful and potent.

Just one spritz and it will last you the whole day and most of the night. If you wanna make your scent last longer but don’t wanna add more, just dot some water where you have placed it, like behind your ears for example.

The downside with such potent scents are that they will last you forever.

Not a bad thing for most, but if you are like me and just “like stuff” and wanna change things up every now and then, it might be a bit of an issue. Not even a perfume last forever, they will go off eventually. And if you look at the pure size of my bottles you can see that I’ve might have made a bit of a mistake when I bought them. For me, smaller size would be much better.

But have a look, you might find something interesting.. or something you already have?


Is there anything fashion related you would like to see from me in the future, pls let me know in the comments.

Have a wonderful Weekend and I’ll cya next time.

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