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Fashion Friday – Getting inspired

Written by on April 15, 2022

Fashion Friday - Getting inspired


How do you find your inspiration?

(I am jumping right in it today lol)

Are you inspired by the changing in season?

Based on what you are doing?

The weather?

or what you are listening too?

My style is ever changing, but mostly with some sort of “Rock” element to it.

The biggest change comes when the seasons are changing.

We are heading for spring and it can’t arrive fast enough if you ask me, so I am already dreaming about my shorts, fave boots and a cool tank.

But this morning I was listening to on Good Morning SLE and today, atleast in my head most of the music had a 90s vibe and I got completely inspired to go (my version) of Grunge! Jay I blame you for this 😉


Reminder, I said I was Inspired!

That is the wonderful thing of being inspired.

Instead of running out and buy all these new stuff for a look that might only last a season, or even shorter sometimes, you just work with what you’ve got.

Shop your wardrobe!

The shirt is actually quite a new buy from H&M

The tank… Hm… I have no clue where I found that.. but it looks good 😉

(I am soo funny)

The Jeans is an old pair of Gina Tricot perfect jeans, that I had some fun with a while back.

The shoes are an old pair of winter shoes that I’ve spiced up with a chain I had.

The bag is so old I can’t even remember who gave it to me, for some reason I have hardly used it at all, but since this morning, this is the one I’ll be using atleast for a while.

That belt is just an old beaten up fave I bought ages ago.

And all this was just from me listening to jay this morning and getting inspired to try something a bit different.

Cool huh?

What are you looking forward to the most this spring?

By the way

Is Grunge doing a comeback?

Was it ever gone?

Is the grunge music or fashion something you are into?

Let me know all about it in the comments!


Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll cya next time


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