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Fashion Friday! (full review on the Tanks I’ve ordered)

Written by on June 25, 2021

Today I have a treat for you.

My full review on the Tanks I ordered from

The one thing that is always worrying me when I order clothes from a new place is how are the sizes?

No matter how much you read the descriptions and try to measure you just never know.

So I read and measured and compared to a tank of my own that was a similar style and fabric, held my breath and ordered.


the shipping was really fast except for a pin that hasn’t arrived yet

The prints are Dang cool

The fabric soft with a slight bit of give

and the fit is as described!!!

My only “complaint” is that there was the rather strong chemical scent, and that is also the reason behind the wrinkles.

I tried them on for size, but when I realized I had to wash them before use (which is something you should do anyway) I just showed them into my bag (was at my bfs at the time) not realizing as a noob what it would do to my pics.


But after a wash, the sent was gone

and as you can see the colors and prints still look good.

Since it was a few days between my first try and the try after washing I can’t really say much about shrinkage other than that IF they did shrink, it wasn’t enough for me to notice.

(If you feel that the colors might look slightly different so be aware that has to do with my camera and not the quality of the tanks.. You can tell this when you notice that the floor has a slight different color between the pictures.)

So to me, this is a complete WIN!

Just read the description before order.


And YOU can order them and other cool prints here

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