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Creative Reader

Fashion Friday – Are you Visible?

today20 April 2022 45

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Fashion Friday on a Wednesday? Has the world gone mad?

probably just me lol

But I felt like a lil rant and I am sorry to say I’m away on Friday so here I am!

If you are a indie artist this rant is especially for you.

Being an indie artist getting noticed is always a struggle.

Twitter, Insta, FB, YouTube, Spotify and all the other social media out there.

To keep up on everything everywhere and getting the numbers so the different algorithms will notice you and push you forward can easily make you feel overwhelmed.

There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to promote yourself everywhere all the time, and at the same time create new music and keep yourself healthy.

One way to get noticed, if you have the budget, is through merch.

If you are lucky to sell enough you’ll get both some money and have even a bigger chance to get noticed by people that hasn’t noticed  you yet.

And what is better merch than clothing?

The person wearing your print is actually doing the promoting for you!

But here is where some people miss out on a great opportunity to get the attention of new fans.

If your already fan is wearing your print in town or wherever and a non fan see that print on a Tshirt or tank, and think

-Hey that is one cool looking print, I wonder who they are… 

will they be able to see it?

You could have the coolest print in history, but if someone that never heard of you, can’t make out your name How will they find you?

Your already fans will obviously know your brand from a mile away, but if you wanna grab that non fans attention make sure they can read your name.

Here are some cool and visible prints from my own collection.

These I have chosen and payed for myself because

1 I like the artist and want to support them.. 2 I just loooove the prints.


Another thing I feel some are missing out on..

IF you have merch, and If you have a new album coming out, why not create a buzz around it?

Why not have a contest and some merch as a price? (if you have the budget for that)

And if  you do. Why not have it signed? (or at least have it as a choice if you are a bit uncomfortable about it)

The only thing cooler than having a tank with the print of your favorite band, it having one that is signed!

atleast if you ask me.

It also make you as a band reachable.. That you really care about your fans.

and if the fans feel appreciated for their loyalty, you’ll most likely get that back with interest

This was my rant for the day!

and if you want to see more of the merch or the bands above check out the links below

Don’t forget to Comment, Like and Share with your friends.

And if you can’t get enough of me or SLE you can find us here



Written by: Creative Reader

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