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Creative Reader

Fashion Friday – A rant about #ootd

today17 June 2022 86

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Fashion Friday - a lil rant about #ootd

Hi guys!

Another Friday and another Fashion Friday, well more of a rant to be honest.

A rant about the #ootd

As you might have noticed I have sort of started to dabble with those over on Insta.

What does #ootd mean to you?

1 when you post one yourself ?

2 when you see others?

I am usually all about privacy.

The less I need to tell people about myself the better.

Sounds a bit odd considering that I have a blog and write interviews lol 😀

but I mean the more personal thing, where I live, my name and how I look.

But one of the things I have learned from life is

Life is short.. Live it!

and to me that means to grab those opportunities that comes my way and frigging run with it!

If you fall, you fall.

you might feel embarrassed, get your feelings hurt, and if you come across a-holes you might even get laughed at.

and if you are lucky

you might just have the time of your life!

and if you don’t try, you’ll never find out.

So what does got to do with #ootd you might wonder.

Well it is also about courage.

To me watching a #ootd is inspirational.

What are they wearing?

How did they style it?

Even if I don’t myself like anything about the look it might still inspire me when I am choosing my own outfit for the day.

When I am myself posting one it is mainly

1 I have a top or some other fave I wanna show off..

2 hoping to be an inspiration to all of you out there.

3 but also to face my own fears. Will I get hate? Will the perves post creepy comments? what if someone recognize me????

As an Artist I’ll bet that for many the dream is when someone in town recognize them and come up and say hi and maybe ask for an autograph.

I would lie if I told you that I didn’t dream of that too.

because sure I do..

But it is also my biggest fear.

Sitting and writing behind a screen is completely different than meeting someone face to face.

To some, posting a picture of themselves is not as shallow as some think.. I takes in some cases every bit of courage they’ve got.

So if you see on #ootd or selfie of someone that do you look like a complete disaster or like they have no clue to what they are doing.

Behind every picture is a real person.

with real feelings

and real struggles we know nothing about.

so pls be kind.

Have a wonderful weekend



starting next week I’ll be off dogsitting, so for a few weeks I won’t be posting any interviews and the FFs will be pretty basic.

But here is yesterdays #ootd for you 🙂


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Written by: Creative Reader

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