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Fashion Friday – A lil rant

Written by on July 15, 2022

Hi guys

This lil rant was sparked by me watching a hair/makeup video talking about peoples appearance, how they dress do their hair and makeup and so on.

This was a great video that made me think

This is actually I have asked on twitter atleast one time

Do you have “ugly days”?

I don’t mean days you feel like crap, most of us have those.

I mean days where YOU choose to Not look like your best to sort of “flip the bird” to society and all that “shallow stuff”

If Yes, I would love to read in the comment on why you do this and how you feel about yourself at the time.

and of no, it would be as interesting to know why

I sometime have these days.

like Here I’m frigging am! Deal with it.

well not necessarily that aggressive but still.

and sometimes I feel empowered by this.

and other times just completely silly. 😀

I like makeup, fashion and looking my best.

But that doesn’t mean I do my makeup everyday or wear my coolest clothes.

to some, being interested in makeup and fashion and that sort of thing is “shallow” it is what’s on the inside that should matter, not that you look perfect and wear designer clothes.


Couldn’t afford it anyway.


Makeup fashion hair accessories are also about creativity and fun.

so to me it is sad that we can look at a painting and say it is beautiful, but if someone wears makeup some look down on them.

isn’t it a sort of art?

even my “ugly day” is a way of expressing myself, my feelings mood or whatever.

but so are the days I am wearing makeup.

or just do my hair really nice (in my opinion)

What are your feelings?

have a great weekend!

Cya next time <3


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