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Creative Reader

Fashion Friday

today4 March 2022 39

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Fashion Friday - Old vs New


Hi guys and welcome to another “Fashion Friday”

I know these are trying times for well the entire world but I hope I for a few minutes can make you think of something a bit not so serious. Sometimes we need a bit of time away form all that serious stuff in our lives or as now in the world..

This doesn’t mean that we are not aware, not caring or that we have our heads in the ground. This just means we are taking a few minutes to our selves to recharge our inner batteries, and to me self care is important.. Even if it is about looking at clothes, our fave youtuber or some cute animal pictures on Twitter or insta.

And this is my contribution to you.

If you have followed me for a while you might know about my huuuge love for some of the pieces in my wardrobe.

You know, those clothes you put on and just go Aaaaaaaaahhhh

I have a faux leather jacked and shoes that does that for me.

But having such huge favorites means that we might not actually wear them that much in fear of wearing them out. Then what? And too often when they do you just can’t find anything even close to it. And that is the problem I’m facing.

BUT I think I have found some well not replacement but everyday dupes.

What do you think?

Old vs New?

First the Jacket.

The old is one of my most treasured pieces of all time!

I put it on and went just Aaaaaaaah, and never wanted to take it of. Unfortunately for me it is juuuus a bit too perfect (it gets a bit bulky trying to wear anything thicker than a tanktop) and a bit too warm to wear in summer.. If I could find this precise one I would buy 2.. one the same size and the other one size up so I can wear it longer.

The new one is a bigger size so I will be able to wear it a bit longer since I can wear a sweater too.

But in all honesty, for me, it fell a bit short. Close but no cigar if you get me.

What do you think?

(Old to the left and New to the right.)




The (not so) everyday shoe.

Every time I put my old ones on I just go Heck Yeah and feel just frigging Awesome!

(and as you can see I have worn them like crazy!)

Do you have shoes that make you feel like that?

I so hope you do.

My new ones are not exactly dupes but I intend to wear them in the same way. My only negative is that the heel was a bit too hard to be as comfy to walk in as I was looking for in a shoe I am wanting to wear on an everyday with a lot of walking.

What do you think? Which would you prefer?





And finally the Party Shoe!

I Love to dance so my shoes should be maybe not made for walking (except for my not so everyday obviously lol) but at least made for dancing!

Are you more of a dancer or do you prefer to sit at a table chatting with your friends or hang at the bar? or do you prefer something else completely. Let me know in the comments!

My old shoes are actually oldest here today. Not that I can remember even how old they are.. but oh they have seen some moves!

The new ones actually looks rather good.. up close.. but the all black makes them a bit meh just as you have some distance..  Not that you see much of them on the dance floor anyway. However.. that heel. OM frigging G that feels soo nice.. Now I have to say, it is still too cold on Sweden for me to having to have tried any of my new items outside so I can’t say anymore than my first impression wearing them inside.. so let us hope that the first impression last. 😉

Which is your fave?




This was everything I had for you this time.

Did you find something you liked?

Did you get inspired for those summer festivals?

I am so ready to have this winter over and done with.

And in these trying and scary times.

Don’t forget about yourself.

You matter too.

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll Cya next time!

Take care


Written by: Creative Reader

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