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Docklands – Part one “the Water”

Written by on March 1, 2021

Docklands –  Part One – “The Water”

I tried to make sections of light and dark, the water is the light and the industrial change is the darkness. I decided to use a harp and a mandolin as a main focus of the calming water sound, adding some woodwinds to make it sound light and airy. As you travel through each section the water gets more intense (more Instruments) but loses a bit of its flow, with the change of the Trading storehouses.

Darkness is represented by cranes, shipyard building all the changes that were happening along the river side in the East London area. Just as the water fades the store house is get more stronger. I’ll start off with timpani, Basses and some brass.


This is a two-part piece mostly designed for “happy and a sad emotion”

Water (always flow) 4/4 timing
Woodwind – light and airy

Storehouses 5/4 timing
(the change in the area)
Brass and string – dark and sad

All the pictures and video were taken from around Docklands arena from Tower Bridge down to the Docklands over a number of years. Docklands is a very historical place it’s sadly now reduced to a more modernisation of the area. But some of the old cranes that old store house is still remain it shows us that changes the area has been through.


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