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Docklands part 4- “the light”

Written by on April 22, 2021

Docklands Part 4 – The Light 

I decided to go more complete electric as the basics sound running through the song with classical backing it up.

Every section of the song, every individual part as a step sequence ,use them like motifs for every part.

Using strings ,woodwind and percussion
And 10 different sync , from rhythmic to sound effects to soundscape.

The water is still here but it’s more about artificial lights against natural light.

the orchestra plays more of the natural light and Electronic Plays more of the artificial light.

But we don’t value the natural light, but are use artificial light for our own uses every single day, it’s like we are manipulating the light.

We travel through this song, like we travel through life and the light changes in our souls, Focusing on artificial and natural,

are first change is more spacey sound,
But as we come out of this section we going to the other lights, TV screens,Strobe lights.

As we carry on we get a religious section, God, about believing in life and seeing the light.

but in the end there is only darkness.

Check out bandcamp or Spotify to find the Full Series 

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