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Docklands Part 3 – “Modernisation”

Written by on April 7, 2021

Docklands Part three – “Modernisation”

Because I’m trying to understand different terminologies in music and different feelings & different sounds.

I wanted to bring a more ambient feel.

Going into the third part of the Docklands series, the music starts to change, the connection is with the modern changes in the modern world. Between 1960 & 1980, all of London’s docks were closed, the Docklands area had become derelict & poverty-ridden.
In the 80s & 90s saw a huge area of the Docklands converted into a mixture of residential, commercial & light businesses.

I’m used step sequences in two different phrases, one demonstrating the modernisation & one demonstrating what had been left behind.

There is also a small bridge sequence, to represent that the local people,when the area changed ,we all had to change.

We also see the water still surviving in the modernisation, it’s more lights now, artificial presents.
We see the old docks are converted into restaurants and homes for the new influx of business workers.

It is sometimes sad to see the area change, but as in life, we are in constant motion, why the ambient feel is about, the modernisation of the Docklands area.

Lay Out 

Logic Pro x
Step sequence one (floating)

Connect chords (alchemy)Alchemy
Beauty bubbles (ES2)
Flute (BBC Symphony orchestra)

Step sequence two (abandonment)

Chilling vocal sequence (sculpture)
Piano (Yamaha grand piano)
Bright strings (ES2)

Bridge sequence (local area changes)
Hard rock Organ (vintage B3)
Mageneto (ES2)

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