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Discounted Amazon Prime in the UK

Written by on January 4, 2022

So every fancied having a bash on the old Amazon Prime, worried you cant afford it because your a student ? Well heres your opportunity peeps, with 6 months free and then 6months at 50% the regular price, Amazon nice one..

Ok so your not a student, and cant get the awesome deals of the Amazon Students well never fear you have the chance to get a 30 Day free trial period. Just click below and you never know you can come and join in with a film watch parties πŸ™‚

Here we go this is more like it right… Free 30 day Trial of Amazon Music Unlimited.. with direct and un restricted access to over 2 million tracks, you got to give it a try right?!

How about a bit of Amazon Audio Books, I know we get the awesome stories here on SLE’s Podcasts, with stories for the kids but sometimes theres a little room in there for an audio book or two from other sources, so why not try it out and see what you think…

Remember, If you intended to use the trial periods without the intent to continue with the payments don’t forget to cancel. Also by signing up to any of the offers on the SLERadio website you will be supporting SLE as Amazon will offer an affiliate fee. (Its not much but something is better than nothing πŸ™‚ ) Thank You

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