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    SLE Radio ONE Gateway to the Underground

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    SLE Radio TWO Real Badass Rock Station

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    SLERADIO RAVE Classic Rave, Jungle, Drum n Bass, Hardcore

DJ Sub Lo I've been checking out SLE Radio for sometime, great station hitting it for the indie artists, SLE Rave is epic .. Lovin the app keep going because this world needs stations like SLE RADIO! Hippie The Organizing Committee Bleep bleep bloop 10110110 happy hump day ai’s Jay SLE Radio is a growing and connected community, we chat about music, life, and movies (plus much more)  We laugh and joke but also encourage and support those in our little community while enjoying great music from the independent world. We are waiting for you, check out SLERADIO.COM and press that DISCORD Button! #commmunity #friends #support #encouragement #sleradio

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Creative Reader

In the Spotlight with The X-Friends!

In today's "In the Spotlight" I have the big pleasure of having a chat with The X-Friends own Marky! Hi, and thank you so much for doing this for us. Thank you very much C.  Greatly appreciated.   1, What was it that drew you, not just to listen to Punk but also do Punk music yourself? Growing up I was always surrounded by music. I'm actually the Cousin of […]

today10 June 2021 39

Creative Reader

Fashion Friday!

Fashion Friday!   Today we ask ourselves Can you Rock in White? Heck yeah you can! Don't forget to accessorize!   Most of the items are either from H&M or some random shop or music festival.. The necklace was a gift from my bf. <3 Next week I will show you other ways to Rock the White. Don't forget It's only clothes, If you don't like them, take them off. […]

today4 June 2021 19

Creative Reader

In the Spotlight with The Zeropoint Projects!

In today's episode of "In the Spotlight" I have the great pleasure of having a chat with Craig from The Zeropoint Projects. Thank you Craig for joining me today Thank you for having me C!   1, How long has it been "The Zeropoint Projects" and what was it before that? It hasn't been TZPP for too long actually, but it has been loitering in the background for a long […]

today3 June 2021 46 1

Creative Reader

In the Spotlight with Matt/PsiVamp/Alchemy Prophet

Today I have the Huge honor to have a chat with Matt from Alchemy prophet/PsiVamp. Thank you so much for having a seat "In the Spotlight" with me.   1, What is your story? What was it that drew you to the music scene and what made you stay?  Music has always been a large part of my life. My brother, who was seventeen years older than me was a […]

today27 May 2021 18

Creative Reader

In the Spotlight with Limbocast!

In todays "In the Spotlight" I have someone really special for you. the man the myth the legend The Jack of all trades and master of all! It's Frigging Joe AKA Limbocast!   Thank you Joe for doing this. How does it feel to be IN the spotlight rather than the man controlling it? THANK YOU FOR HAVING ME! This is crazy! i hope I don't let you all down […]

today20 May 2021 20

Creative Reader

In the Spotlight with Tony Grands!

Some create music, others do sooo much more. Today I have the big pleasure to have a chat with none other than Mr Tony Grands! Hi and Welcome to "In the Spotlight"!   1, Who IS Tony Grands? Tony Grands is a writer, rapper, speaker, artist, family man, business man, survivor; I wear too many hats to be specific. It would probably be easier for someone else to tell me […]

today13 May 2021 392

Creative Reader

Let’s talk Fashion!

You just can't have too much Indie artist merch, especially when it comes to Fashion. But I have too few! =( But Dang they look good! Which Indi artist has the best prints in YOUR opinion?

today7 May 2021 30

Creative Reader

In the Spotlight with Fendahlene!

In today's "In the Spotlight" I have the Great pleasure to present Fendahlene to you! So lean back and prepare for an interesting read.   Hi and thank you so much for taking the time to join us "In the Spotlight".   How long have you been Fendahlene and what is the story behind the name? Paul and I had played in bands back in high school. We even won […]

today6 May 2021 63

Creative Reader

In the Spotlight with Hippie Drive!

Hi, Hippie Drive and welcome to "In the Spotlight"! Thank you for this C actually really enjoyed doing it.   1. What IS Hippie Drive Records Inc? First let me explain the name. When my daughter was young, my wife would bring her out in the car to go shopping or collect her from her friends. Even though Jersey is small 9 miles by 5 miles (or 14km by 8km), […]

today29 April 2021 281