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Fashion Friday - Something New in my closet   A while back I was checking out twitter as I usually do when I came across a tweet from talking about some of her new merch.  You guys know me so I had to check it out and it was a stunning unisex bomber jacket [...]

  It was just a regular morning with me listening to Jay play some Awesome music on “Good Morning SLE” when one lyric really got my attention. “Streets are on fire, where do I turn There’s a burning desire and I just have to learn But if I had to make a change to the […]

Fashion Friday - Are you organized?   Hi guys, and welcome to another Fashion Friday. With spring on the way (atleast in my dreams) many of us go thru our closets to prepare for warmer temperatures and maybe make place for some new pieces and say goodbye to those that doesn't feel quite right any [...]
Fashion Friday - Old vs New   Hi guys and welcome to another "Fashion Friday" I know these are trying times for well the entire world but I hope I for a few minutes can make you think of something a bit not so serious. Sometimes we need a bit of time away form all [...]

In today’s  “In the Spotlight ” I have the Huge pleasure to give you The Hikikomori Pact! Thank you so much for joining us today.   How did your journey into music start? I always loved music, as far back as I can remember, and the 80’s and 90’s were a great couple of era’s […]

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is for YOU!   February 14 is Valentine’s Day. A day to celebrate love. For some.   In Swedish it is called “Alla Hjärtans Dag” It is the same thing just a different name. But I have always preferred the direct translation, and that is “Every ones heart day.” a bit […]

Hi guys.. Yeah it’s me again. This isn’t one of my usual post and this is a one off since this really isn’t my field. But I have been reading on Twitter about people that feel that their health is not the best since all the lockdowns and they can’t visit their regular gym. And […]

Hi guys! How are you all doing in your corner of the world? is spring around the corner? already looking forward to summer? Here in the north of Sweden we aren’t even close and are having a snow day. I can’t wait to dive back into my shorts and tanks again.   For some reason […]

Hi and welcome to another “In the Spotlight” Today I have the huge pleasure to present Bruno Skibbild and his daughter Laura Mena, BOTH musicians. I am so happy you both had the time to do this for us.   Where did you both find your passion for music? Laura: Well, I definitely found my […]

Hi and Welcome to another “In the Spotlight” Today I have the huge honor of presenting you with the people behind “Allegro Radio” Thank you for spending this time with us.   What is Allegro Radio? Allegro Radio is a part of the Allegro Recording Class giving our kids the opportunity to broadcast from our […]