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Author: Creative Reader

In the Spotlight with William Bates   How I've come to Love Thursdays. This is the day I get to introduce you to soo many cool and interesting artists. And today I have the Huge pleasure to bring  you William Bates!   Thank you William for joining us today.   How old were you when [...]
In the spotlight with Lewca   He is in your face and he ain't moving Today "In the spotlight" I give you Lewca! Hi and thank you for hanging with us today. Awesome man, my pleasure.   Why music? Because it’s cheap basically, I’ve always made stuff, I painted for a decade or so, then [...]
In the spotlight with Portobello Express     They are Female fronted psychedelic bluesrock band In today's "In the Spotlight" it's frigging Portobello Express!!!!   Hi guys and thank you so much for joining us today. Hi my dear Creative Reader and thanks to you for the invitation!   From the start, How did you [...]
In the Spotlight with Ade Wilding   Born and bred in the South Wales valleys. In today's "In the Spotlight'' I give  you Ade Wilding!  Hi Ade and thank you for joining us today.   Who is "Ade Wilding"? Ade Wilding is an aged and weather beaten Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Dog lover who hails from the verdant Valleys [...]
In the Spotlight with Kelly Kintner   The first time I heard "the Ticket" I was sure that this was from a movie soundtrack. It had such a grip of me and it has been a fave ever since. In today's "In the Spotlight" I have the HUGE honor of introducing you to Kelly Kintner! [...]
In the Spotlight With John Michie   Hi and welcome to another "Creatives In the Spotlight" Today I have the huge pleasure to introduce you to John Michie Hi John and thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us.   Growing up, was Music your first love or did you have [...]
In the Spotlight with Dark Side Bright Side Awesome Music and cool guys! To day I have the pleasure of introducing you to "Dark Side Bright Side" Welcome and thank you for chatting with us today.   How was "Dark side Bright side" created? Dark Side Bright Side was born from the need of Marco [...]

  In today’s “In the Spotlight” I have a real treat for you, and something I personally find really interested to know more about. One of the hosts on SLE, Sarah Rogers from the “Midnight Morning Show” Hi Sarah and thank you so much for having this chat with us.   How did the “Midnight […]

Fashion Friday - What to wear, Festival edition   Hi guys! Festival season is here, are you ready? In smalltown Sweden festival season as officially started and I am getting pumped up! To be honest, Festival season in smalltown Sweden is less Coachella more family oriented. But even if my town isn't going to rock [...]
In the Spotlight with AOR Gypzy   My favorite thing about writing interviews is 1 all the cool artists I get to chat with 2 being able to share them with all of you. And today I have the HUGE pleasure to introduce you to AOR Gypzy!   Hi guys and thank you so much [...]