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At least in my head it sounds like this ;)

Written by on November 15, 2021

Hi guys!

Yes it’s Monday.. 😀


Today I am (well trying atleast) to give you a um.. Swedish “lesson” sort of..

(it was actually Ravi that put me up to this lol) <3

Have you ever wondered how to say the Swedish letters ÅÄÖ?

Here is how they sound.. Atleast in my head

Å= sort of like the sound the A makes when you say the word Alright

Ä= like the A sound in Apple (maybe more American then British)

Ö= sounds a bit like the i when you say Bird


(I live in the north of Sweden and how we pronounce things here are quite different from other parts of the country so someone from the south might see this and think, -what ha heck has she been drinking lol. But atleast in my head this description is pretty close)


Have fun! 🙂


(I might to a bit more of these kind of “Just For Fun” bits in the future.)

Have a wonderful Week, take care

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