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Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

today24 April 2023 8

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Ancestors: The Humanity Odyssey

A unique third-person survival game set millions of years ago when were still evolving to become humans. In the game, you take control of a primate clan, learn how to make new, tell, and explore your fight, and the untamed goal is to not have your ancestors go extinct and also evolve into the first human ancestors. To achieve these goals, you will explore the environment and use the experience to improve and gain new traits. Ancestors: The Humanity Odyssey has a huge open world to explore only, but with animals that stay in the wild, it will be hard to traverse the map. There is no map in the game, so you will have to discover maps and locations to help you find new resources and hiding spots to visit. The best way to find new landmarks is by climbing large trees in the jungle. At the waterfall base with your eye, your first spawn, you will need to find new resources to try and use. Many things can be found: in the world, including plants, animals, precious stones, rocks, wood, mushrooms, fruits, and eggs. These things will change as the environment changes as you start moving away from the jungle into the woodlands, savannah, desert, beach, and lastly, the ocean. The game does not hold your hand; it wants you to try out what to do and discover new things as you play. It is difficult to learn and comprehend the mechanics. You have to push yourself to not get scared of trying new things and adventuring into the unknown. As of April 2023, it will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Series S, and Microsoft Windows. Most reviews give it a low rating of 4/5 because the beginner’s curve and no-help approach make it difficult for people to get into the game. Ancestors happen all in real-time, so when you go out to find meditation, it can change dramatically by finding a new material or a tiger creeping behind you. As an ape, you have three senses that will help you survive in the jungle: smell, intelligence, and hearing. Smell and hearing, once activated, will give a slight haze that will help you detect other animals or mammals. Both work in the same way, but different animals can be found only by one or the other. For example, if a sabertooth tiger is slowly creeping toward you, you won’t be able to detect it with hearing, but you can smell it if the tiger is close by. This could be the opportune time for an eagle, which will make lots of noise if you are close to a high cliff/tree or near its eggs. The combat is very simple; when an animal attacks, the game slows down, and you will be given a chance to attack or dodge. It’s very quick and tense, and it fits the game well by having a primal feeling between life and death. If you’re interested in playing a new adventure with a big map to explore and things to collect to fight and concur new landmarks for your ape clan.

Written by: Paulo

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