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Creative Reader

A rant about Training

today4 February 2022 61

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Hi guys..

Yeah it’s me again.

This isn’t one of my usual post and this is a one off since this really isn’t my field.

But I have been reading on Twitter about people that feel that their health is not the best since all the lockdowns and they can’t visit their regular gym.

And that got me thinking.

Alot of people “never” visit the gym for different reasons.

1 might not be one close enough

2 gyms open hour might conflict with their work and family life

3 too expensive

4 like me they might simply not be inclined to all that sweating and stuff infront others.


And still, many don’t work out at home either because they seem to think that too work out you need a ton of expensive equipment and an empty room to have the space to a decent work out.

I live in a one room apartment that is filled with all sort of stuff so I know all about small spaces.

This is all the equipment I personally use

and all the space I need is a bit longer then my length on the floor and a bit more than my width and enough room above me so I can do jumps. That’s it!

The twiststepper is placed on a newspaper (I am a bit sloppy oiling it) and on a upside down old doormat so I easily can slid it across the floor without damage the floor.. (it is dang heavy)

and the purple rug beneath the other stuff is my actual doormat.. I do my jumping exercises and some other stuff on that not do slip on the floor and in my hallway there is enough room for me to jump up.

the pedal thing isn’t a exercise equipment as such, I have it under my desk and use it when I’m on twitter and stuff.. I have restless legs and cold feet and it is a brilliant way to keep that blood pumping whilst you are just sitting around. (just be careful, if you don’t place it right and have a good desk your knees will let you know about it)

that balance thing is also not included in my regular work out.. But if you ever is on Discord during Jays “Good Morning SLE” you are use to me saying brb coffee.. and the reason I don’t sit at the computer while I wait for the coffee, is because I am balancing on that.

but that stepper, weights, roller thing (I like my teeth so I prefer that one lol) blanket and doormat is what I regularly use for my indoor training during the winter season.. (In the summer time I am all about the walks)

I have worked over 15 years to find a routine that fits me and my needs and lifestyle. I try to work out 1hour 3-5 times a week with varying exercises depending on what I need and what other things I have to do that day.

(I have some back, shoulder and leg issues I have to work on.)

Most of these things you could probably find at a secondhand store and there are often quite cheap offers to be found online.. the most expensive to me what that pedal thing.. it was about 80euro I think.. but there are other version so you might find something that is more fitting for your economy if you think that is something for you.

I am not a workout person. I think it is boring as F and if someone told me that even if I quite I would always be  healthy and never gain any weight I would stop on the spot.. (except for my walks)

But here is the thing.

You shouldn’t work out just to get that beach body.

Working out is to take care of your body so it will last.

Life is long.

Do you wanna be a agile 75 that still is fit enough to have adventures? go to concerts? That is why you should do this.

Training is like saving for the future.. (oh dang I sound adult now)

I’m not saying you should do it like I do.. I have no clue what I am doing.. some I have gotten from my physiotherapist and other stuff I have found on youtube or made up myself. What might be the perfect thing for me could be all wrong for you.. and like I said.. I have had many years to find the routine that works for me.

You do it  your way.

And never force yourself to workout. If you are simply too tired or your body just doesn’t feel ok, rest for a day. That is so much better than you forcing yourself and might get hurt because you are just not focused enough to do the exercises right.

I hope I made some sense with this.

and hey, if you ever on Discord listening to “Good Morning SLE” Feel free to say hi. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend


Written by: Creative Reader

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