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Creative Reader

A rant about promoting your work

today14 June 2022 45

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Hi guys I just had a thought that I wanted to share with you and I would love to hear what you have to say about it.

Promoting  your hard work.

More hard work to get exposure for your album or what it might be.

But have you thought about Who you promoting it too?

one easy step is to send your album in to radio stations just like sle. Many indie stations have forms on their pages on how to do this.

Some even send the stations a physical album and hope that will make the stations notice them a bit more and hopefully post it on their social media.

Not a bad way of doing things, that is something you see quite regularly on Twitter and similar.

Another way is to send it out for someone to review or try to snag an interview with someone like me 😉

If you have merch you could also send it out to a few people and hope they will post about it on social media.

But here is where I have some thoughts.

Do you consider the person you are reaching out too before you send them your merch?

Different merch might get you different exposure depending on who you send it too, and you want that maximum “bang for your buck”.

If you send someone and album they might take a pic of it, post it on social media and go Hey look at what I’ve got..

Sounds good doesn’t it?

But most often that’s it.

If you are lucky the person has many followers and that can create a buzz and lead to many likes, RTs and hopefully some sales.

But if you instead send it to someone that is a collector that You Know regularly post about it’s collection, your album might be featured in more than one post.

and why not send something else?

Some might prefer a poster?

or a simple pin?

or a t-shirt if it is someone that takes selfies or chat about fashion?

Then you are more likely to 1 have them make more than one post about it.. 2 actually wear it and that way make it seen by a total new audience.

Sometimes it could be more appreciated by someone that isn’t a “well know name” in social media.. They actually might appreciate it more and therefor make more of a fuss about it than some bigger name that might receive this sort of thing on a regular basis. Yes, a smaller number means smaller number of people that might see it.. but also possibly a higher lever of gratitude of your gift that is actually coming from your wallet and therefore might do more than one post.


That is my rant for today.

What do you think about it?

Any thoughts? I would love to read them in the comments..

and on that note..

Have a wonderful day

and don’t forget to Comment, Like and Share with your friends.


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Written by: Creative Reader

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