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A Little something for the chill

today30 August 2021 77

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Relaxing with a little Web-Based Gaming;


Doom –>DOSBox SVN, CPU speed: max 100% cycles, Frameskip 0, Program: DOOM (

Stuff I really enjoy, of course, we have music and as you guys may know art, in fact, anything creative, Films etc… If some of you follow the @SLEGAMING (Twitter) you’ll know that when I get time in my busy daily schedule, I like to enjoy some gaming time.

“What is it I really enjoy about gaming!” I hear you cry, simple one word! ESCAPISM!

Yes! I said it Escapism, I even capitalised it just to emphasise the importance of the word. What do I mean by escapism and why would I want to escape?!

Question: What if I’m in a situation where I have no access to my phone, Apps, or my consoles! And I’m lumbered with a work PC and just about access to the internet what do I Do?!!!

The real world can be a little humdrum 🙁 especially if you are stuck in front of a computer at work, you’ve been looking at endless spreadsheets, Fanny Fletcher & Gobby Gareth talking the hind legs off a donkey chatting about some absolute and utter bull! That’s a conversation you don’t want to engage in! You find yourself sinking further into your seat hoping they will forget your presence. Sadder still you are hoping and praying that the 10am staff meeting would hurry up in the feeble attempt to break up the monotony of the day with some mind-numbingly boring conversations that have little to no relevance to your working agenda! What is it that at this moment in time do you really want to do… without losing money and going home?! Escape! Remove yourself from the boredom of your surroundings and enter the world of gaming, it’s there for you people, So reach out and grab it!


Jay! I hear you cry; “we cannot download games whilst at work”?!

Here my friends the beauty of the internet online browser gaming, throw on a VPN access and jump on sites like “” full of various game genres and (that bad boy had a doom game in the browser yeah no joke lok at the top of the Page)! However, I find with these more in-depth games I can truly lose myself for hours and if I’m trying to play incognito (you know what I’m saying). I like to keep it as easy and simple as possible keep it “Simple Stupid” and no truer phrase has ever been penned for me anyway! I like a game I can play and not worry if I just need to switch it off in emergency use, and one that calms me somewhat! Cos I’m telling you now FPS games do not calm me down they rile me up like listening to the Prodigy “Firestarter” not always a good thing for me, no no I digress! I do indulge in the pleasantries of destroying my enemies in a simple point and click game such as “Canons and Soldiers.” This little beauty of a game has kept me entertained in between the next humdrum task that required completing, why not kick back and blow some shit up, hey I don’t know about you but playing these types of games I like to imagine that the target is the boss… this certainly provides hard for me some days as I am the boss unless my partner is barking orders at me then yes my friends I become the Field Marshall in games such as “Canons and Soldiers” I’ll tell you now I am always the canon hahahahaha. Watching the little faces of my comrades as I blow the enemy up is priceless! So at the moment I’m feeling this game as a boredom  buster between going through the mundane process of checking the meta data and tags of songs  sent in to the station. So Laborious!!! hahaha METADATA People METADATA!!!!!!

Canons and Soldiers; 🕹️ Play Cannons And Soldiers Mountain Offense Game: Free Online HTML Cannonball Shooting Game (

Another little gem for you guys is this one! So, I enjoy a little Star Wars and in fact back in the days of MS-DOS, (yes that’s exactly how long I’ve been on the gaming scene and longer I might add) before windows or User interfaces, well maybe Dos shell and when windows OS, was nothing more than a twinkle in the pants of Bill! I actually had the Star Wars Xwing game! This is a fact, loved it! The shooting, amazing graphics blew my mind (Come on! I was using the Spectrum 48k and my mums pc, a 386sx simply could blow my mind!) So when I happened across this little number, you better believe I was all over it like a hot rash! I Still get the buzz when the music comes on what a soundtrack! Inspiring if nothing else. Here’s the link if you fancy having a bash yourself ( It plays a little like the old side-scrolling games of the SNES/Atari ST/Amiga/ Megadrive era, You know the early to mid-90s like playing R-Type omg what a classic game that was, I would spend hours blasting the crap outta the enemy. The online Xwing Game boasts cleaner/crisper music, super easy to pick up and play with no learning time meaning you get straight into the game! Star Wars is a gem of a game for just that 10 mins escape! It’s like a double whammy with this little game nostalgia included and fun! XWing right here –>  🕹️ Play Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Game: Free Online Star Wars Flying Arcade Game


The thing with this blog, is just me chatting to you about always finding time for you, I enjoy gaming and find these little distractions in my day help me, maybe they would do the same for you maybe not, but whatever it is that sparks the chill out in you always find a little time for it!

If you are caught at work playing any browser games please repeat this next part to your boss!

“Dear Sir/Madam, You have caught (Insert Name) having a moments recreation time this is to better allow and facilitate an improved performance rating across the board, I feel you will find (Insert Name) will after a further 30 mins gaming time to have increased reflex’s, sharper mental data processing skills and above all a fantastic ability to complete tasks faster and more efficiently, all thanks to this 30min relaxation technique, Yours Sincerely, Jay”

So here’s why I’m saying it guys seriously do not ever be afraid to have some you time chill out get the Xbox on, the PS5 the online gaming sites like or whatever it is you want to get out of the mundane drag of life and find yourself as a wild adventurer or a Tetris whizz. You deserve a break, oh and before I forget possibly most important is this; places like have so many child-friendly games. (I shouldn’t say this but I will hahaha) Kid-friendly games are a wonderful way to enhance certain skills, numeracy, hazard perceptions, nature learning etc in a fun and convenient way this also gives you 15 mins of chill time. To allow your creative juices to flow 🙂 or maybe have that nap you always wanted! Gaming is a way to get out of wherever you are and be something else, something more whilst you’re playing it.

So up with the fantastic world of gaming and browser gaming, don’t look a free gift horse in the mouth oh and did I forget to mention that browser gaming sites like, and many others are free for you to play the games on! That’s right my favourite price FREE!

So, what you waiting for go check them out 🙂 and in fact, if you know of any good browser game sites or games you like to play comment below, would love to check them out!!!


Here’s a little list of web based game sites maybe you’d like to check out in case of emergencies 😉

🕹️ Free Browser-Based Online Video Games: Play HTML 5 Video Games For Free at

Online CLASSIC games (

Kongregate: Play free games online – Play Old Games ONLINE

Much love guys,

Happy Gaming!!

If you want me to do some full on reviews of games aswell let me know 🙂


Written by: Jay

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