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The links to all the Playlists of SLE Radio – All the playlists that are from SLE and SLE Radio are Spotify Lists and as such, some of the playlists include music that is not played over the station’s airwaves but, good music is good music and these playlists will give you something to make you smile, make you cry, help you fall in love because guys that’s the power of music 🙂

Jay | SLE

Hump Day Happy Hour;

From the Grunge Norris Stable the Happy Hour is a 10 song playlist to showcase the artists in the #HHH voting polls held on @SLE_DJ (Twitter) SLEDJ (Facebook) every Wednesday. So if you havent done so yet get voting!! (UPDATED WEEKLY)


Do you love electronic music ? Have a bit of a tickled for the old retro feel of Synthwave music? Then check out our little gems in the Synthwave playlist from SLE 🙂 (Updated Monthly)


The Feel Good Playlist is a pick me up list of some absolutely joyous classics there will definitely be songs in this list to lift your mood and make you smile no matter what the lif may bring 🙂

Sunday Service;

Grunge is at it again with some of the biggest Indie tunes around, no matter if its Rock, Pop, Dance, Electro, Alternative or any other Genre theres a good chance it will get played on the show 🙂 and below we have the Playlist of that very Show 🙂 Updated monthly check it out now 🙂

100% Ultimate Indie ROCK!

Are you a rock freak!? Love your new Rock music, then you need to check out the gems on this playlist, hell you havent started following them yet then get on it these guys are gold!

Now Thats 80’s Music;

Some of the most iconic songs that ever have been, quite possibly are associated with a film and what decade had some of the craziest hits movies, yep the 80’s it brought us The Terminator, Predator, The Goonies, Robocop, The Nevereding Story, Batman, The Lost Boys and a load more awesome films that we just dont have the time to go into! Check out the SLE 80’s Music Playlist now 🙂


Gym buff? No matter if its the first time you;ve been in the gym or the millionth time you need good music to get the juices flowing. For me this list gets me fired up and i can push more weight, run for longer, bag work harder all because the music inspires me to push harder than ever before, push your limits get the SLE playlist behind you now.

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