Our Reviewers of SLE Radio

This is like the A Team of the Music World not only do we have our Radio Show Hosts that offer reviews of the amazing artists and music of the SLE World but we also have a sweet team of written reviews, with a review for every occasion, you want to use a review as an artist to showcase on any media advertising, on an EP/Album cover, you want it short and sweet with maximum impact you need a Besty Pot Shot – From our man Besty these short reviews encompass feelings felt by our man when listening to your music, yes he wil listen to the music and understand you know why !? Hes an Aritist too and definitely worth a follow but where you cry?! Check below 🙂

Fancy something a bit more to get your teeth into? Wll we got you covered with our reviewer and Artist Initiate Error!! OMG I hear you cry yes Initiate Error is joining our little SLE family and will provide the reviews that work so beautifully alongside our man Besty. How lucky are you ?!! Very as an artist a musician as a reader and a fan SLE is here for you 🙂




Initiate Error;


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