Jill Winter | Professional Musician | Symphonic Visionary

Jill Winter | Professional Musician | Symphonic Visionary

I would like to introduce you to Jill Winter and her NEW Pop Rock Music Video:


Written/Perfomed by: Jill Winter

Video Production: ESP Sonics

Now that your mind’s been blown and your heartrate is up let’s continue.

Jill Winter is a professional musician with a heart of gold, and musical talent that stands as a true testament to her dedication, effort, and willpower that can be heard through each note she plays. With lyrics that touch on a wide array of topics, presenting a deep understanding of emotion and it’s critical role in all of our lives I was more than honored to be allowed to review Jill. It has been amazing working with her, and I can’t stress enough that you absolutely must get this music in your playlists.

Jill Winter

Jill brings excellent Pop beats, Rock guitar, and a funky Disco flair to the stage and I can’t stop listening to her tracks.

Out of the entire Spotify Discography I was presented with I had to start at 1978, with a title like that I was curious to know what was awaiting. Intellectual lyrics with disco synths, and a flute to top everything off. Craving a nostalgia for a generation past but nowhere near dead.

This is a song to ride to, to dance to, to play loud. My favorite thing about this song is the variation of instruments all working together to set the scene.


My other suggestion is Not So Nice. I was swaying left and right to the rhythm. It has a beautiful melody which is accompanied by tonal bells to accent the rest of the harmony.

The more I listened to this song for this review the more I continued falling in love with the leads and the drumbeats. The overall attitude of this track is upfront and serious while still being very fun.

The chorus captures you with the line, “Maybe I’m not so nice anymore,” which is a feeling I am sure we can all be familiar with. The tempo in this is paced perfectly, with an even beat carried by some great guitar strumming. I can’t stop listening to this track either!


All in all what I have to say is only going to fall flat along to the beautiful lyrics of ANTHEM or any of the songs she presents. If you haven’t watched that Video Above yet what are you waiting for? I can’t play it for you I can only lead you to the best and brightest musicians that this world has to offer.

Plus a festive Christmas single that I found quite endearing!

Personally, one last thing I have to say is a huge thank you to Jill Winter for creating ANTHEM when she did.

That track connects with me the most when she sings the line, “I will stand up and fight, I’ve got nothing to hide, I’m not broken inside.” I feel like I am worth something as a human being.

We are not broken inside. We should all be proud of who we are and strive to be the best we can be!

Big thank you’s to the reader, please do us a massive favor and Follow Jill Winter using the links below. Cheers! We Appreciate All Of You!

Tune into Jill Winter:Mon-Fri 11 AM – 3 PM PST




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