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Brique – Ones to Watch!

“We want to combine genres in a tasteful way and give our listeners something new that they’ve never heard before. We want to push the boundaries of music.”


Photo Courtesy of Brique / GerberGoldman

Brique is a pop group from California, my own native state.

To call them only pop is doing them an injustice, however. Multiple genres are being blended here in a really nice and harmonic way. We have hints of rock, rap, swing, two step, even Big Band, and classical composition!

According to the band themselves, they wanted to make their debut absolutely perfect. Undergoing five revisions before release, Brique takes their music seriously while having fun.

For example: Listen to Party

Fun, clean, loud, and high energy. This music is polished to shine. I love the pace of their beats in all of their songs. If this is your first introduction to California and what kind of music we are putting out over here, then look no further.

The song Space is a great second track on “The Album” utilizing a heavily synth modified guitar to tear through some riffs and keep that crazy energy going. You can hear more guitar in the track 3×2 in a solo for more amazing plucking leads.

I must say though that Everyday is my personal favorite. I can’t get enough of their guitarist.

Brique brings soulful lyrics into the mix, singing about relationships, social life, and parties. There is no end to the amount of addictive positive energy that they bring to your playlist.

Brique has a wide variation of tempo on “The Album” with one track pacing being different from the last but it never seems to ruin the flow. Serious lyrics, perfect sampling, amazing guitar leads, and an overall essence of a positively bright future are what make this collection of prime songs supreme.

Get “The Album” now before you’re the last one. I see nothing but bright futures for the three of these guys.

Follow them on Spotify, and Subscribe to their YouTube Channel. Buy this album and show your massive support because these guys definitely earned it! I had tons of fun listening to this one!

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