Besty Pot Shot Reviews

Ok so guys here they are – The Pot Shot reviews from our man Besty , you can find him on twitter @Bestyscotland. Drop him a DM and maybe youl get your Pot Shot Review here on!

Hikikomori pact – Gone, a reason

I get this creepy Joy Division feel. Hypnotising. Come join my little horror story feel. Its pretty cool. Horror story cool. Sit back and let this one twist your mind. Brilliant!

Check out Hikikomori Pact on;

Twitter @Hikikomoripact

Stepping on Lego – Honest Lie;

I really like this track, it has an electro/pop/dance kind of feel. Could see this going down well in the early hours of a house party. Well produced track and well written.

Really good one;

Check him out on these links;

The Tragic Company – Rotten;

Ok so this is the 9/10 minuter. Pretty cool track. Think the vocalist could be a bit louder in some parts, but dont take that away from the song though. The way it keeps changing, keeps you interested. Do i prefer this to jesus of suburbia….

Quite possibly

Sonia D – Breath

This is a excellent track. A fine example of how keeping things simple can work so well. Kind of a evanescence feel, Celtic. Full of emotion and not scared to use it. Nice work

Sinnika Monte – Play Pretend

This is such a good song. I am lost in this one. What an amazing singer. Excellent production. Sinikkas vocals remind me of trans tracks from the early 2000s. This one will go down well in the sun

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